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"It's a really nice system, albeit an expensive one. I am happy with my purchase and hope it serves me well for a long time."jrensink78


Ease of installation

The installation wasn't too bad. I ended up using the larger spacers which were pre-installed. So that saved me some work. I ended up having to move my aero bars closer together for the included straps to fit around them. But that needed to happen anyways. They were fairly far apart before.


Ease of use

Using it is pretty simple. Just lean forward to get the straw in your mouth. I'm riding it with the straw up rather than tucking it down between drinks. It's just easier that way. The bite valve is great and prevents sucking air with each drink.


Quality of Construction

Things seem nicely built. Time will tell.



There is good adjustability moving forward/back and minor up/down adjustments. The straw can be adjusted fairly well.



The bite valve is comfortable. That's pretty much the main point of contact with the bottle.



Good adjustability as referenced in the Fit category.



Again, time will tell. But it seems sturdy.



It is expensive. But probably one of the nicest options out there. One benefit of the carbon version (which I got) is actually that it uses a different bottle holder than the aluminum one does. The carbon mount does not have the same straw-tuck issues that the aluminum holder does and it's also usable for standard bottle as well if you ever wanted to use those.



Looks pretty neat.


Customer Service

No experience here.



It works pretty well. I haven't really had issues with it shifting around. It does rattle against my stem when going over bumps. So I'll probably try to figure out something to cushion that. I use the solid cover and that does a pretty good job at preventing splash. Three is a tiny hole in the cover to let in air as you drink (air has to enter somewhere to avoid a vacuum). So if you fill the bottle pretty full, a little comes out. But not too bad.


Great straw and bite valve. You get to stay aero while drinking. Having a straw in my face makes me drink more.


Refilling on the run with the solid cover can be messy over bumpy terrian. So you need to find a smooth section. It can take some effort to put the bottle into the holder.

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