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Your Help is Needed!!!'s philosophy is to REMAIN the best beginner triathlete site on the web. Of course, this also means being built by beginners like you!  Sound like and easy task?  Absolutely not!!!  This is where we need your help.  PLEASE send all inquiries and content to

"What can I do?  I am a beginner myself and haven't even trained or competed yet?"

  • You can send us your motivational story on why you have decided to do triathlons.  This will make a HUGE difference in helping others make that change to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  • If you love to write, you can document your progress - kind of like an online would write monthly summaries of training and life.  This will help the timid realize that we are all one and the same ordinary people.

"Ok, I have at least one triathlon under my belt.  What can I do?"

  • Help out in the discussion board, encourage conversation and answer questions.

  • Become a monthly columnist and write about topics for the beginner and even advanced techniques and training...beginners have and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

  • Have a one-time topic that you would like us to feature?  This could be anything from nutrition to training to injury prevention.  No problem.  Just write it up, send us any relevant pictures an we will highlight it on the main page and reference it where it applies. 

  • Become 'triathlete of the month.'  Have you just run your first triathlon?  Maybe it's your second or third.  Give us a race-report complete with pictures.  We will feature it on the main page.  This will give others A LOT of insight as to race-day preparations and learning through your experience.

Regional Columnist

  • Become a regional columnist for your part of the world.  You can report on triathlons and races by the amateur and professional or certain events and races in your part of the world.  You will have your own section on the main page to feature your monthly column.

  • We at BT hope that columns like this will bring diversity to this great sport.  We hope to hear from you! 

Product Reviews

  • Do you have a product experience you would like to share?  Write it up!  We will feature it on one of our weekly columns on the frontpage and make it into our archives.  Please include relevant pictures and DO NOT slam any products.  Try to keep it as unbiased and neutral as possible BUT we appreciate your most honest opinion.


  • Has a particular diet plan worked for you in conjunction with triathlon training?  We would love to hear about it and feature it!    Before and after pics would be great!  A lot of users could benefit from your opinion.


  •  You can write an article on any of the 'categories' in the left/top shared border and send it to us.

You CAN make a difference in someone's life.  PLEASE send all inquiries and content to

*Many thanks to our past and current editors for making this all possible!





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