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Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
World Triathlon Corporation
72F / 22C
Total Time = 10h 45m 46s
Overall Rank = 273/2542
Age Group = M40-44
Age Group Rank = 58/433
  • 1h 11m 48s
  • 4156 yards
  • 01m 44s / 100 yards

Terrible swim at many levels. Full disclosure, I was a bit undertrained for this event, especially wrt the swim, but within 1' of the start I swallowed a ton of water and went into a complete panic. Started wide and in the 3rd row, but simply couldn't move any air in or out. Had to breast stroke for a few minutes and calm down a bit. Almost** pulled the plug but couldn't really as the mass of swimmers behind me were coming right at me so had to move on. Truly terrifying, but somehow got it together. I swam so wide of most other swimmers from here on in due to this event that I must have added on a few minutes to the overall time, but I needed to have some clear water away from others to avoid more panic. The 2nd half was effortless like my friend Bryan told me to do. Like that T.I. junk lol. Felt very good after the swim, but swam at a very easy effort and told myself that I could still have a good race from here on in.
Transition 1
  • 06m 35s
  • 5h 18m 6s
  • 111.85 miles
  • 21.10 mile/hr

Solid ride, although I really did keep this ride in check on the effort level.
Goal was ride 190-200w for the first 30' and then push on up into 210w. After a few hours I would push into 220ish watts and see how it felt.

First 30' was just under 200w and it worked really well.
Ate a Stroop Waffle every 1 hr and drank Perform and water in between.
Peed 2x on the bike.

The second loop was much windier but I kept almost exactly (within 2') even pacing for both loops. This was with a stronger power effort on the second loop as I was primarily at 210-215w for most of that part. I did ride 225w for a 30' stretch to see what it felt like, but HR drifted into the higher 140s and I thought it unwise to push this hard. Maybe on a different day, but I listened to my body.

Went from 742 place overall to 171 overall (so passed 571 people).

Was a very clean race from what *I* saw as far as drafting.
The hilliest parts of the bike were the end of each loop and I kept my watts in the 300-320 range or lower on the worst sections. It is always interesting to see people fly by me as I push 300w up a hill.... they are pushing probably 400+ to do that, but I end up passing them on the flats, descents and lower grade climbs.

Not one cyclist passed me on the 2nd loop, but some did on the first loop.

Avg power=207

I believe with a more aero bike and riding a better wheel set up I can ride faster, but this was a pretty good ride considering the year I've had.
Transition 2
  • 03m 1s
  • 4h 06m 16s
  • 26.22 miles
  • 09m 23s  min/mile

Changed out of the tri suit and into running shorts and a tri top as I had some big chaffing issues on the bike. Glad I did and it didn't cost me much time.

Came into T2 feeling good. Started the run and had some pep in my legs but decided to be very, very conservative with my pace which was smart. Goal was close to 4 hrs. I should disclose that my longest run was 13 miles this year and my run volume has been rather lacking due to a number of reasons that I could not control.

Did walk most aid stations and some really steep hills. Started this run with a bloated feeling but was able to improve that by running at an easier effort.

Chicken broth for me is by far the the best option on the IM run!

Saw my family at special needs area and spent a minute with them, this was really nice and helped me have a decent second loop run considering fitness level.

The second loop was not much slower (9') than the first which spoke to reasonable pacing IME.

The run really did hurt a ton, but this is ironman and I am plenty used to that pain.
Post race
Event comments:


1. I was very under-trained for this event considering my general expectations for IM. My long run was 13 miles.
2. I was injured from Sept. 2011 until June 2012 with achilles tendinosis.
3. Work has become significantly busier for me with far less free time and sleep available.
4. I travelled 3/7 and worked 2/7 weekends prior to this event which was prime training time. It was what it was.

I say these things NOT as excuses, but rather disclosure about what I expected from this race. My race was not going to even happen as of June 2012, but then I started to improve thanks to a good PT friend of mine.

I felt that 10:30-10:59 was a rough idea of where I could finish and I was smack in the middle.
More importantly I really enjoyed most of the event. The second half of the run hurt more than usual due to lack of long runs, but it was expected and my pace really didn't fade much considering all in all.

BTW they have beer and poutine in the finisher area, which was awesome!

5th IM and by far the best venue, roads, volunteers and fans.
I would highly, highly recommend this race!!

Overall I am very satisfied with my performance here. It will be my only tri of the year. I was signed up for 4 but injuries and work put a kibosh on those plans. Ultimately 5 IMs in 5 years has been a bit much on my body and I am happy to say that next year will be a focus on HIM and shorter stuff. I plan to revisit IM in 2014 as I do love the distance, I simply can't balance the training with work and family the way *I* want. I. Will use the next year to rehab various injuries and recover physically and mentally. My plans for the winter are masters swimming and likely the BarryP run plan.

Finally, the MOST important part of the report....
Thanks to all my good BT friends. Lots of support received.
My mentor group was essential in helping me through this year. I wont name everyone, but you all should know how important you were for this process.
QueenZipp was a very helpful positive influence on me this year with her inspires.
Bryan Dunn was helpful as always with some uber good last minute advice.
John K. has been one of my oldest BT friends and supported me all the way.
Many, many BTers helped me as well.

My parents supported me and came to this race which was fantastic.

My kids supported their Dad and were proud of me all the way through.

Most importantly my beautiful wife who put up with the stress that work and injuries and training placed. She was always supportive and is the ultimate 'iron wife'. Could not would not do any of this without her support.

Love you Tracie!

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