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Age Group
2016-06-11USAT Mideast Regional Championship Sprint Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 16.13 miles
2016-05-21“Dirty Bird” 15K Trail Run  (draft) Run 9.32 miles
2016-04-30OWBC Redbud Trail ChallengeRun 6.2 miles57m 03s 4%100%
2016-03-19Flirt with DirtRun 6.3 miles44m 12s 3%11%
2016-02-14Dirty Love 10k TrailRun 6.21 miles50m 36s 5%11%
2015-11-26Goody Goody Turkey TrotRun 3.11 miles18m 44s 1%
2015-11-21Dirty Dirty 12KRun 7.46 miles56m 05s 4%10%
2015-09-27Deer Creek Fall Challenge Sprint TriathlonTriathlon 16 miles1h 10m 31s 5%7%
2015-09-19ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago Open Age-Group Sprint RaceTriathlon 16 miles1h 16m 03s 11%6%
2015-09-07Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest 5K Bier RunRun 3.1 miles19m 05s 2%5%
2015-08-23The Rock City 5KRun 3.1 miles18m 32s 1%7%
2015-08-09USAT Sprint NationalsTriathlon 16 miles1h 17m 34s 37%37%
2015-07-19Lake Metroparks Lighthouse TriathlonTriathlon 15.84 miles1h 12m 15s 7%12%
2015-07-18FESTA 5K - JIM KLETT 10K AT THE FESTA ITALIANARun 3.11 miles20m 31s 5%17%
2015-06-13Nature's Bin 5KRun 3.11 miles18m 32s 4%11%
2015-06-07The Great Western Reserve Triathlon - Sprint CourseTriathlon 16.57 miles1h 10m 14s 25%
2015-03-28Women Veterans 5kRun 2.65 miles16m 20s 1%
2015-03-14St. Malachi RunRun 5 miles32m 10s 2%1%
2015-03-08Black Canyon XTERRA 9KRun 5.59 miles43m 23s 7%9%
2015-01-1816th Annual Clearwater Distance ClassicRun 5 miles32m 54s 1%6%
2014-12-07Run Santa Run 5KRun 3.1 miles19m 04s 2%8%
2014-11-16Hot Chocolate 15k - ColumbusRun 9.3 miles1h 01m 43s 0%1%
2014-09-27Grand Lake 10KRun 6.2 miles37m 53s 2%
2014-09-14Portage Lakes Sprint TriathlonTriathlon 17.69 miles1h 21m 45s 5%9%
2014-08-24Emerald City Half MarathonRun 6.55 miles40m 29s 0%4%
2014-08-09Lake Erie Waterfest Triathlon/AquabikeTriathlon 14.78 miles1h 04m 31s 20%
2014-07-27Lake Metroparks Lighthouse TriathlonTriathlon 15.41 miles1h 12m 52s 6%21%
2014-07-19Reagan Park TTCycle 8 miles56m 29s
2014-06-21Ohio Senior OlympicsTriathlon 15.38 miles1h 07m 06s
2013-07-28Lake Metroparks Lighthouse TriathlonTriathlon 15.84 miles1h 12m 10s 6%25%
2013-06-18Cleveland Metro Parks Mountain Bike Series #3Cycle 4 miles23m 25s 31%
2013-06-04Cleveland Metro Parks Mountain Bike SeriesCycle 4 miles21m 45s 17%
2012-12-01Reindeer RunRun 5k3.11 miles18m 16s 2%
2012-11-22Turkey Trot Run 5 Mile5 miles30m 17s 1%1%
2012-11-18Hot Chocolate 15k - ColumbusRun 15k9.32 miles1h 00m 10s 1%2%
2012-10-13MidTown Cleveland HealthLine Classic 10K / 5KRun 6.21 miles38m 32s 12%
2012-09-22Ledges to Lake Adventure RaceTriathlon 14.79 miles1h 14m 33s 5%14%
2012-09-09Rev3 Cedar Point - Half Rev HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 30m 22s 28%34%
2012-08-19AmmoMan Triathlon Battle @ the Branch - Olympic CourseTriathlon Olympic31.13 miles2h 25m 16s 24%
2012-07-28Trails 'N TreadsBiathlon (run/bike) 16.7 miles1h 45m 47s 42%
2012-07-2220th Annual Lake Metroparks Lighthouse Triathlon Triathlon Sprint15.85 miles1h 07m 43s 5%9%
2012-06-03Deer Creek Sprint TriathlonTriathlon Sprint16.01 miles1h 13m 45s 12%18%
2012-05-12Nordonia Hills Duathlon & Pump N RunDuathlon Standard15 miles1h 02m 54s 8%
2012-04-28Hermes Cleveland 10 MilerRun 10 miles1h 02m 12s 3%
2012-03-17Kiss Me I'm IrishRun 4.97 miles31m 15s 0%7%
2011-12-03Reindeer RunRun 5k3.11 miles18m 08s 2%4%
2011-11-24ALSO Turkey TrotRun Other3.7 miles22m 42s 1%5%
2011-10-09Chicago MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles3h 20m 51s 6%5%
2011-09-11River Run Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles1h 25m 23s
2011-08-14The Perfect 10-Miler and Vertical Runner 5KRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 02m 36s 4%5%