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The Advanced Diet for Mass

How to eat for a mass-building weight program

by Ron

The Advanced Diet.   Very, very...very important!!!  This diet was one of two things which changed my weight training forever.  I could never put on muscle matter how hard I lifted.  One year after I started this diet, I went from 160-165 to 170-175 pounds of lean muscle mass!!!  Here is the low-down..note, this is for me, can adjust it to your weight and goals.


7:00 AM    -  Protein/Carbohydrate power shake with fruit (I use GNC Pro-Performance   Weight Gainer) and of course my morning espresso!

9:30 AM    -  One chicken breast, water.

11:30 AM  -  One chicken breast, potato, rice or pasta.  Water.

2:30 PM    -  One chicken breast, water.

4:30 PM    -  *optional*  power bar before gym, Gatorade.

5:00 PM    -   (Weight training followed by triathlon training.)

7:30 PM    -   Power shake immediately following triathlon training.

9:30 PM    -   Chicken breast OR can of tuna, salad, rice, pasta or potato.



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