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from Pine Island Florida...a new 2003!

by Ron


I have just came back from a much needed vacation.  My wife and I stayed with her family's new house on Pine Island.  I had a great time.  I was able to relax and let the prior stresses of work and school just melt away in the hot tub.  The following is my 'new years resolution' for 2003.

Mind, Body & Soul - to be most kick-@(% site on the net!!!

Well, since completing my first triathlon in September 2001, a lot has happened to me.  I have created this website for new triathletes like you and myself.  I really hope I have provided for the new people to the sport the necessary encouragement and coaching to tackle this toughest of sports.  Though still in its infancy (methinks), my goal for this site is to make it 'the authority' beginners triathlete website. 

How am I going to do this?  First, I hope to get a few more people involved in writing monthly.  Thanks a lot to Freddy and Donna so far - a great help!  I would hope to have at least 5 people besides myself writing monthly.  I am also thinking of trying to get a professional triathlete to write in once a month.   If there are any subjects that you might want a pro to address, let me know.

I need to get rid of these banner ads and I need more traffic.  If you show me the support by helping me out with the above, I will in turn pay for this site to get rid of the banner adds.  Plus I will pay to have a more comprehensive listing with search engines and databases to get a lot more hits.

I hope to do all this by this years end.  With your help, I think we can do it...and then who knows?



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