Member Question: Can I Have Both Distance and Speed?

author : Amanda McCracken
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Member Question from Aquagirl

"I am in a quandary now. I have always been able to swim long distances with ease. I was just really slow in doing so. Even with the stroke improvements I find that when I try and swim long I have lost any speed gains that I had because my stroke count just creeps up and up as I swim. Also I feel like I'm running out of air. Despite swimming easy and getting my stroke count down from 25 to 15 or 16 strokes per 25m, after about 75m I feel hypoxic.  But the bottom line is that I am doing a HIM in I need to do a 2k and would prefer it not to be at a snails pace. [.....]

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date: June 17, 2009


Amanda McCracken