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Since I started training for my first triathlon, I have noticed, slowly, the changes that my body has gone through.  They were not so apparent at first but as my training progressed, I was able to look at the curves of my upper arms and the defined muscles of my legs.  One of the change that I wasn't so aware of was the mental change that had taken place. 

During my training I had put my body through many workouts and the pains afterwards.  After every workout I began to NOT dread the next one.  I was actually looking foward to it.  I was gaining self confidence by the day and everyone around me was noticing it.  Once I noticed it, I was unstoppable.  The human body can endure extreme physical hardships but a trained, confident mind can endure much more.

To be able to have power over my own body and to control what happend to it was the best feeling in the world.  If I was having a bad day, I could just go inside myself and make a long run into a soul searching/problem solving time.  I solved, or should I say came to terms with, quite a few of my lifes' problems on my long runs.  Now if I could only run a marathon tomorrow maybe I could work on the everlasting problem of world peace!

Seriously, the mental power that you gain over yourself is an amazing accomplishment that I think many athletes experience.  To be able to realize that the sport of athletics, in general, is made up of a decent portion of physical ability and the majority is mental, brings us to a new level.  The sport of triathlon is truly mind over matter mixed with sheer will and amazing human strength.  I am truly thankful to have this outlook now and finally feel at home in this unique group of athletes.


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date: October 10, 2004




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