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I completed my first tri (olympic length, 2 hours 41min) in August of this year using your programme.  I was already a good swimer and reasonable on the bike and run but had never put it all together.  Your programme was a great help in getting my training organised and balanced.  Your web site has been a great help.

I've now also started using your training log and I can say that this is a great help in keeping you motivated.  You can see the miles stacking up (and the days off when they get to frequent) and what you have done in the past which helps keep things varied.  I'd recommend to everyone to use it during training.

I'm now converted to tri and am planning to do a season of events in 2005 using your site and plans to help.

On the website, I'd love a section on mid winter training in the programmes.


Cambridge, UK


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date: October 10, 2004