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Traveling to Race: Helpful Hints

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photoHomestays vs hotels, eating and flying with your bike.

I Resolve...

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photoI resolve to keep track of what I do. I resolve to get my act together as a swimmer. I resolve to enjoy the ride.

Lessons Learned

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photoOne of the important lessons I learned in my second year in the sport is that triathlon takes time to figure out.

Complete Readiness

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photoFor a pro, racing when you aren't 100% is counterproductive.

My not-quite-meteoric rise as a pro

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photoKyle looks back, halfway through his second pro season.


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photoHow triathlon and professional racing helped Kyle grow up -- within the fantasy world of being a pro

Anatomy of a DNF

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photoClearing my head after failing to finish

Not a crisis

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photoA disappointing start to the season need not set the tone.

A Day in the Life

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photoBeing a pro triathlete is even more boring than you might have thought

Being a Pro: What Does It All Mean?

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photoThe backstory of becoming a pro, joining a team and working with sponsors

"Luke, Take the Mattresses Off"

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photoGoing for broke in a race, as a pro or an amateur, can mean failure or exhilaration -- or both.

Becoming a Professional Triathlete

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photoThe goal of this column is to provide a unique, first-hand account of the long and challenging "process" of trying to make it as a professional triathlete, a process that often remains unseen.
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Kyle Pawlaczyk

After a collegiate distance running career, Kyle Pawlaczyk began racing triathlons in 2009. Kyle recorded two top-10 finishes in the Ironman 70.3 series in 2010, his first season as a pro. He resides in Charlottesville, VA.

This column will follow Kyle as he faces the challenges associated with becoming a viable professional in the sport of triathlon.