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How to Make a Comeback in Swimming

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photoIf you have ever taken a month off in swimming, this article and short training plan will get you feeling the water again and back to your original yardage.

The Best Head Position for Swimming

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avatarIs there an ideal head position? The criteria below will give you a general idea of when you know you have found your sweet spot for head position.

Off Season Swim Workouts: Month 3

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photoThe focus of this months workouts are to get you used to zone training. The final workout will work on racing speed and finishing strong.

Off Season Swim Workouts: Month 2

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photoThe purpose of these workouts are to continue getting you more comfortable in the water, improve endurance, and increase your efficiency with bilateral breathing drills and a high elbow catch.

Off Season Swim Workouts: Month 1

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photoThe first month we will be pressing the "reset" button. We'll start the month with some drill-focused sets and endurance building.

Swimming with a Reconstructed Shoulder

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photoI've had shoulder reconstruction and I now have a limited range of motion making freestyle all but impossible for any distance. What would you recommend to assist me in my swimming?

How to swim without being exhausted

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photoIf swim workouts are much more trying than your bike and run workouts, try these tips

Are You Doing Your Swim Intervals Properly?

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photoIs beating yourself up on intervals you can barely maintain the best way to get the most out of your swim workout?

Fixing Sinking Hips

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photoI have been swimming for ten months and it has been quite a challenge. I'm sure you have heard this before but I am a sinker.

May 2010 Swim CHAT with Coach Kevin Koskella

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photoDiscussions on Ironman swim training without a pool and race pacing.

5 Tips to a Strong Swim in Your Next Triathlon

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photoWill you will finish your next triathlon swim strong, or will you run out of steam before you even start the majority of your race?

April 2010 Swim CHAT with Coach Kevin Koskella

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photoDiscussion on preventing over-rotation, free golf, strength and core training, the importance of the kick and high turnover vs low turnover.

Member Question: What are the Mechanics of the 'Pull'?

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photoStart with balance, once you have improved in that area, move on to rotation, then breathing, and finally, you can start to get into the technical aspects of the pull.

Member Question: Using a Snorkel for Swim Training

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photoUntil I feel comfortable in the pool, would it be silly to put in my pool time while wearing a snorkel? I really want to swim until I'm tired and force myself to go further each time.

Choosing a Triathlon Wetsuit

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photoLearn about the different styles of triathlon wetsuits, how to choose one and why it is beneficial to have one.
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