An Open Letter to the Guy at the Pool This Morning

author : marmadaddy
comments : 17
photoOnce you caught your breath, it occurred to you that finishing even a short triathlon might be harder than you thought. After a few "laps" you thought, "I can't believe I'm so out of shape."

Biting Off More than You Can Chew

author : tmwelshy
comments : 18
photoExtoling the virtues of going for more than you should. It's an odd way to get satisfaction from life, and it’s often painful, but it's my way.

I Used to be Sexy (and other fictional and non-fictional musings of a female triathlete)

author : R_Laberje
comments : 14
photoHumorous short story about giving up feminine luxuries for the triathlon fitness lifestyle.

VIDEO: North East Triathlon Course Preview

author : Team BT
comments : 0
photoComplete course preview of the North East triathlon on 8/17/2008 featuring a Sprint and a Olympic distance race. Mark your calendars!

A Hill You Can't Climb

author : bigfella3
comments : 12
photoAnd then I saw it. I got to "The Hill." It looked a bit innocent really, in reflection - just a little hill, with the road bending around to the left... and Team RWB Press Release

author : Comet
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photoBeginner Triathlete is proud to announce and feature Team Red, White and Blue as our official charity!

Enjoying the View from the Back of the Pack.

author : BodyCheck
comments : 9
photoMake peace with your speed. A full 85% of the field is done and heading out for brunch by the time my feet hit the finish line.

Inspiration: My Personal Hero - The Lance Armstrong Effect

author : Bill
comments : 9
photoReflecting on the events in my life that led to my being waste deep in water wearing spandex with a latex cap over my freshly shaved head.

Becoming a Professional Triathlete

comments : 8
photoThe goal of this column is to provide a unique, first-hand account of the long and challenging "process" of trying to make it as a professional triathlete, a process that often remains unseen.

Lance A. Little, Lance-a-Lot

author : Scott Tinley
comments : 4
photoTinley's take on the motives behind Lance Armstrong's return to triathlon and what it will mean for the sport

Return to Sender - Reconsidering the Meaning of Play and Sports

author : Scott Tinley
comments : 4
photoAs endurance athletes, by definition we must go to our borders to find our center. There is meaning in suffering, we tell ourselves, but not in stupidity.

Anatomy of a DNF

comments : 3
photoClearing my head after failing to finish

My Life-Changing Testimony: A Christian Perspective on Triathlon

author : Daniel Clout
comments : 5
photoI was humbled last year. My body shut down on me just before two World Championship events. I was originally in top form to medal in both, but my strength was sapped from me.

A Question of Mettle

author : Scott Tinley
comments : 4
photoThe grand pull to Kona is both a product of our sport's mythology, marketing, and the intangible desires that each create.

When Did I Stop Hating Running?

author : medic0020
comments : 5
photoFrom a Hate-Hate Relationship to a Love-Hate Relationship
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