Member Question: Using a Snorkel for Swim Training

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photoUntil I feel comfortable in the pool, would it be silly to put in my pool time while wearing a snorkel? I really want to swim until I'm tired and force myself to go further each time.

Member Question: How to Swim at a Slower Pace?

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photoIt seems that if I swim that slow I begin to sink and I have to either kick or pull harder to compensate while my heart-rate starts going up. I find myself kicking too hard trying to keep afloat.

How Much Swim Yardage Do I Need?

author : Amy Kuitse
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photoYou ask yourself if a couple of months will be enough time to prepare for that sprint; and how must swim training change in volume and intensity for the longer distances?

Member Question: Do I Need a Wetsuit?

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photoI'm doing my first tri Saturday. It starts at 7 AM and the forecast is calling for a high of 82 (air temp). Do I need to rush out and get a wetsuit?

Member Question: Restarting Swim Training After Time Off

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photoHow long will it take before I start seeing some improvements? I have only been swimming for about a week and can go a maximum of 75 to 100m freestyle before I have to stop or use another stroke.

Swim Question: I Can't Even Swim 40 Meters Yet

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photoMy problem is I can only swim about 30-40 meters without having to rest. What is the best way to improve this? I need to get from 40 to 750 meters in 6 months.

Member Question: The 'Other' Swim Strokes

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photoSo tell me why I want to bother swimming the other strokes? I'm IM training, and plan to swim freestyle for the entire race, is there an advantage to working on the other strokes?

Fixing Sinking Hips

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photoI have been swimming for ten months and it has been quite a challenge. I'm sure you have heard this before but I am a sinker.

Member Question: I Can't Float!

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photo I went to the pool the other day and realized I can't float at all. It makes it really hard to swim properly. I get no propulsion from my kick. Any suggestions?

Member Question: What are the Mechanics of the 'Pull'?

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photoStart with balance, once you have improved in that area, move on to rotation, then breathing, and finally, you can start to get into the technical aspects of the pull.

Member Question: Toe Cramping During Swimming

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photoThere are a few things you can do prevention-wise to avoid these annoying toe cramps (one of which is NOT eating tons of bananas as the common wisdom dictates!)

Swim Question: 5 Stroke Breathing

author : Coach AJ
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photoI'm wondering if anyone else has had luck with moving to a five-stroke breathing pattern. Is this okay for endurance swimming? What are its benefits and drawbacks?

Swim Question: New Swimmer and Swimming with Fins

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photoI am still pretty weak in the water and have a pair of Zoomers that I use for drills. What do you think of wearing fins to swim in the pool until I build up endurance?

Member Question: Half Ironman Swim Program for Beginner

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photoI downloaded a 20 week program, obviously I would not want to jump in the swimming volume since the plan assumes I have already been swimming. Can you suggest an alternative?

Swim Question: Breathing Problems

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photoI have 10 lessons with a coach and he keeps telling my I'm holding my breath. I cannot figure out where since I'm breathing out and in every 3rd stroke. Any drill recommendations?
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