Bilateral Breathing

author : Gareth
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avatarHow to Breath Bilaterally.

Getting Started With Swimming (for those who can barely do a few laps)

author : Ron
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avatarHave no endurance? Try this routine for your first few months.

Do you have runners kick?

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avatarHave no fear, there are things you can do. Even the worst of kickers can develop an adequate kick for freestyle, which is all you need for a triathlon swim.

How I Became a Tri Swim Coach

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avatarKevin Koskella of gives his introduction on how he became a swim coach.

Interval Training

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avatarInterval training is used to describe the system of multiple repeat swims used in most swim training programs. The best way to improve aerobic endurance is through short rest periods.

Are Fins Useful in Training?

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avatarMost of us in the triathlon world are concerned with more than just fat burning. There are certain situations when it’s appropriate to use fins during a workout.
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