Deep Water Running: Practical Video and Instruction

author : BobbyMcgee
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photoUse high and low cadence deep water running to improve your turnover, run-specific muscle endurance and functional running strength.

Using Cadence Properly in Run Training

author : mikericci
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photoStudies have shown a correlation between pedaling at a high cadence and running at a high cadence, which leads to faster running. The shorter your ground contact time , the less chance for injury.

Running on Concrete, Asphalt, Dirt, Grass or Sand?

author : BobbyMcgee
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photoBy gradually running for increasingly longer periods on a softer surface, you will learn the technique and come to realize the benefits in injury prevention and speed.

Barefoot Running and Minimalist Shoes

author : ahohl
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photoA comprehensive look at a controversial trend-- for triathletes like you

Improving Your Run Race-Pace

author : tri-en
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photoIf you are like many runners you may be frustrated at racing 5K distances and never being able to run them faster. Improve your race pace with this flexible 12 week program.

Running Workouts in 30 Minutes Or Less

author : smeeko
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avatarHow to fit in a running workout in 30 minutes or less for a busy lifestyle

Run Training by Heart Rate Zones

author : mikericci
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photoHow and when to include speed sessions, tempo training and hill training into your running program.

Treadmill Running: Just How Good Is It?

author : Amy Kuitse
comments : 2
photoWhen we do or don’t use the treadmill is not so much the issue as to how we use it. When is it appropriate to use a treadmill for your workouts?

Run Question: Increasing Your Running Cadence

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photoThis article outlines ways to increase your running cadence while also getting the benefits of reduced injury.

Evolution Running: Creating Efficient Horizontal Propulsion

author : KenMierke
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photoDespite what most runners and their coaches believe, technique plays an enormous role in sustained fast running.

How to Train for a Marathon and an Olympic Triathlon

author : leighdodd
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avatarThe Olympic distance triathlon and the marathon will be the first attempt for this athlete and advice is needed on how to properly structure training in preparation for two very different events.

Running: The 10% Rule

author : jtriathlete
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photoI'm curious about the 'don't increase your run by more than 10% per week' rule. Is there a minimum mileage under which this doesn't apply?

VIDEO: Natural Running Mechanics

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photoHow to run stronger with lower risk of injury.

Running Speed Training for Triathlons

author : smeeko
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avatarI decided to list a few interesting workouts to increase speed.

Ten Top Tips for Injury-free Running

author : ChiRunning
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photoRunning does not cause injury. Poor running form does. Running is more enjoyable, and safer if you know what you’re doing. And yes, even old dogs can learn new tricks.
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