VIDEO: Triathlon Race Scheduling

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photoDesign a triathlon race schedule with the right amount and right types of races to help you peak at the right time.

VIDEO: Mastering Race Day - The Four Keys to Triathlon Race Execution - Part 1

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photoEvery year thousands of triathletes spend excessive amounts of time and money on training, only to show up to the biggest race of the season with little to no plan.

VIDEO: Nutrition - Race Day Fueling

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photoLearn the important aspects of a successful pre-race nutrition plan including carbo-loading and eating the morning of the race.

VIDEO: Swim-Bike Triathlon Transitions (T1)

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photoLearn essential triathlon transition techniques for various ability levels. Includes wetsuit removal and several bike mounting techniques.

VIDEO: Triathlon Transitions

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photoThis video will show the basics of triathlon transitions including setup and how to use the space efficiently as possible to minimize wasted time.

VIDEO: Your No-Fail Triathlon Race Weekend Nutrition Plan

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photoLearn how to top off your muscles with energy during your race weekend taper! Carbo-load correctly and alleviate the possibility of GI distress by choosing the correct foods and when to eat them.

VIDEO: Triathlon Transition Setup and Execution

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photoDon't know how to setup your triathlon transition area? We cover everything from wetsuit tips, bike check, nutrition, shoes, equipment placement to actual race day execution.
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