Strong Women of Mighty Mujer Triathlon: Creating a training community

author : raceelpaso
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photo“None of us were swimmers, none of us were cyclists, none of us were runners, but we all decided that together, we would be.”

My First Tri - A Story of Success

author : tri342
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photoWhen I found out there was going to be a small sprint triathlon in a month, I signed up and I decided I would try to do my best.

My First Triathlon: Tejas Triathlon

author : chasinganima
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photoMost people could do this, probably much faster than I could. But the beauty of the event was the energy, to be around so many people who are so motivated and goal-oriented.

My First Triathlon! (Oh what a day!)

author : NatalieF
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photoA day of mistakes, learning and accomplishment! One of the best days of my life!

First Olympic Tri: The Angels and Demons of DFL

author : mchutka
comments : 13
photoAfraid to Tri? Worried about being DFL? How I survived, and how you can too.

On Your Left!

author : thehomegirl
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photoI think the biggest thing I've learned is to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks. If I let that get to me too much I would not be the fine triathlete I am today!

My First Triathlon - Sprint

author : tpistana
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photoSince this was my first tri, I rode a $200 Schwinn road bike I picked up at Wal-mart a few weeks back. I had only gone on a few five mile rides for training so I was real skeptical about the ride.

I hope my mother didn't see that! My first tri

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photoThose waves are HUGE, I don't know if I signed up for that!

My First Triathlon

author : thomasfieber
comments : 9
photoA (relatively) humorous description of my training for, and participation in, my first triathlon.

Not a swimmer? You can still Tri!

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photoStory of a canoe-run-bike tri

Road to Triathlon: Part 7

author : LexieM
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photoLooking back, what would I have done differently?

First Triathlon at age 59?

author : sc123
comments : 15
photoI had a bucket list of "must do's before I turn 60" but it was made up of things like "take a course in public speaking, weekend trip to NYC with my 3 grown sons, learn to kayak, etc." I needed more.

Eight Things I Learned from My First Triathlon

author : mrmarkcole
comments : 36
photoOr why an Ironman 70.3 may not be your best choice for your first triathlon.

Does Finishing Count?

author : khines
comments : 5
photoThe story of a self-described non athlete's journey as a "triathlete"

First Ironman? First Triathlon!

author : davey m
comments : 3
photoDeciding on an Ironman as my first venture into triathlon was greeted with incredulity and astonishment combined with a hint of, "well, you're full of yourself aren't you?" and, "a bit ambitious?"
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