Beginner Triathlete - My First Triathlon articles

author : embury.dusty
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photoI went in with no expectations-only to finish. My hope was to complete the course in under 2:15.
author : CyndiPPF
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photoSo here I was, a hard-working, respectable, just-turned-forty-six-year-old, who never considered herself athletic, lining up in my swim cap and goggles for my first triathlon.
author : mpk
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photoI went down to the beach the day before to scout out the course, and it was glorious...the sun was out, the sea was as smooth as glass, and only a hint of a breeze was blowing. “Perfect,” I thought.
author : AdamA
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photoI was passing others who were saying, "Good job, 587" (that was my race number). People were cheering me on. These were the nicest people I have ever been around!
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photoA story of how a simple email one day can change your life forever.
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photoWhen it was over I felt a little sad. I had trained for twelve months and the race was over in 72 minutes. My goal was to not come in last which I wasn't. I was content with my accomplishment!
author : johnrunner
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photoRace report on the Chattanooga Waterfront Tri - Beginners Point of View. This was my first Olympic length triathlon and also the first time I had done a race with cycling shoes instead of cages.
author : 2x4nomore
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photoDescription of one overweight, nervous, beginner triathlete's very first race -- a "Mini" Triathlon.
author : scoli121
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photoI quickly browsed an article in Men's Health that talked about doing a triathlon, and how it wasn't really that hard. With a "tsk!" I quickly turned the page while thinking, "Yeah, right!"
author : daveo1101
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photoBeing a fast swimmer put me up with the faster athletes. As expected, they started to pass me soon out of transition. Some would just slowly pass. Others with aero wheels would literally buzz by.
author : mars
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photoRemeber why we do this, we all have our reasons. I had trained for six months, and it was now time to actually do my first sprint triathlon.
author : leifashley
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photoFrom couch potato to a tri in 8 weeks. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. The race organizers had it down and there were no problems at all. This was the perfect first tri, in my opinion.
author : newinboston
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photoSome would say there are easier ways to get in shape, and they are probably right. My first worry was being able to squeeze into a wetsuit by race day.
author : Diane1961
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photoThere are so many reasons I love this sport and extremely buff, handsome men disrobing next to me is one of them.
author : roach
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photoI got battered by the ocean in the swim but I had made it out...bruised and bloodied, but not beaten.
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