My First Tri - Windsor Triathlon

author : aloufan
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photoI couldn't believe that my splits kept getting lower! I started to run harder after I passed the "5 km" sign and picked a few people that I wanted to pass.

Not Old Yet! Ten Month Journey from Low Cardio to Half IM

author : trad_it
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avatarNow, for the last 20 years I’ve always though that jogging seemed about as interesting as watching paint dry, and you know what? That’s how it turned out to be.

My first off-road triathlon: 2005 AZ Xtreme Desert XTERRA Tri

author : PirateGirl
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photoThe XTERRA off-road triathlons consist of a lake swim, a mountain bike trail ride, and a trail run. I decided to try the AZ Xtreme Desert XTERRA Tri as my 1st off-road triathlon, and my 3rd tri ever.

How Did I Get Here? - My First Triathlon

author : brian1388
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photoSomeone said that I would have to change in the transition area after the pool. Well OK, but it was maybe 45 degrees that morning. Yuck, all just part of the experience.

White Sands Polar Bear Triathlon 2004

author : dwilliams
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photoWhat? This isn't a duathlon?

Learning to Tri - The Tinfoilman in Tuscon Arizona

author : eclaire
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photoNewbie blunders teach the mind to overcome the moment, and always have fun!

My First Tri - London Olympic Tri Aug 04

author : Vincentd
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After a nice party the day before, the five of us met at the docks in the morning - all ready to suffer in the famous English sun with our fellow competitors.

New Found Pride Part 2: The First Tri - Luna Bar Women’s Triathlon

author : jhealy422
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photoMy sister warned me about being used as a launch ramp by faster swimmers but much to my surprise I was the one swimming over those in front of me. I went around one woman, then another.

First Triathlon! - NYC Tri on a BMX.

author : Team BT
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photoThe ONLY way to compete in my first triathlon was to do it on my BMX. I’m no professional—nor do I aspire to be one, I just want to be fit and healthy.

The Canadian Sprint - My 1st Tri!

author : DoubleDown
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photoCan anyone think of a better way to spend Labour Day weekend than doing your first tri? Ok, maybe doing your 2nd, 3rd...50th tri...but you get my point. :)

The 1st Triathlon

author : steve
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avatarI started the process with clippers on my chest. Halfway through the process I realized that this shaving plan was probably not the brightest idea I have ever had in my life.

The First Meeting of the Steves in a Triathlon - Endless Mountains

author : steve
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avatar So after about 10,000 emails, dozens of phone calls, and one pre-race pasta dinner, the 1st meeting of the Steve's in a triathlon finally arrived.

My First Tri

author : Ron
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avatarThe only worry I had going into it was the swim...I couldn't touch the bottom and there weren't any lines to follow.

First Triathlon - Janet C

author : Team BT
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photoThe start of the race I had the jitters. I was watching the other age groups start as they seeded the swim with over 1000 participants.

My First Triathlon - Gabriel Mac

author : Team BT
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photoThis is my story and I closed it with something that came from my heart. I hope it encourages anybody to help to make the decision of participating in a triathlon.
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