Thrash, pedal, and puff--a first triathlon

author : kwinkle
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photoAmazingly, they did not have to drag the lake for my drowned corpse.

Road to Triathlon: Part 2

author : LexieM
comments : 1
photoThere’s so much to learn when it comes to taking part in your first triathlon event. Lycra, trisuits, sneakers, transitions and more.

Road to Triathlon: Part 1

author : LexieM
comments : 6
photoThe first swimming session was particularly brutal. I managed one length of a 25 metre pool before stopping to get my breath back.

My First Triathlon

author : thomasfieber
comments : 9
photoA (relatively) humorous description of my training for, and participation in, my first triathlon.

Losing My Triginity: My First Sprint Triathlon

comments : 4
photoAll I caught was the last sentence from the marshall, "The most important rule of the race, ENJOY IT! If you are not going to enjoy it, why are you here?!"

My First Sprint Triathlon

author : Raheitmann
comments : 4
photoWhy I decided to compete in my first Tri before turning 50

The London Triathlon 2012

author : ollyd
comments : 3
photoMy experience of competing in my first triathlon.

From Disbelief to Completion: My First Triathlon

author : MOlsen
comments : 1
photoEarlier this year I did something I never thought I would do: run a 10k. Last weekend I did something I thought was even further out of reach: complete a triathlon.

First Ironman? First Triathlon!

author : davey m
comments : 3
photoDeciding on an Ironman as my first venture into triathlon was greeted with incredulity and astonishment combined with a hint of, "well, you're full of yourself aren't you?" and, "a bit ambitious?"

Per Aspera ad Astra!

author : WIRachuba
comments : 1
photoOn a rocky (concrete) path to the stars. A cautionary tale of how to get hooked on Triathlons

Today I Can Call Myself a Triathlete

author : verga
comments : 2
photoMy journey from semi couch tater to triathlete.

My 1st Triathlon at 50

author : Khorwohock
comments : 14
photoI have always wanted to do a triathlon to keep myself fit, and now I had my chance.

Where Novelty And Nostalgia Meet

author : writingrunner
comments : 0
photoHow my first half iron distance triathlon brought back feelings of high school competition.

Pink Cheeks Triathlon 2012

author : dorihol
comments : 1
photoFirst triathlon at age 55 with daughter Linnea & Grandson Hunter

I can't do a triathlon - or so I thought!

author : myred86
comments : 4
photoSo much of what I thought a triathlon simply wasn't correct. How an okay Masters swimmer makes it through his first triathlon - slowly!
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