Beginner Triathlete - Gear articles

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photoIt depends on your preference and what's important to you. I'll list some of the beliefs that are out there and comment on a few.
author : FitWerx
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photoDirty bike chain? Have you ever thought about cleaning it? We cover the basics of how to clean your bike chain and the use of different cleaners, degreasers and lubricants.
author : FitWerx
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photoAre you a beginner triathlete? This video will compare triathlon bikes and road bikes to help you figure out what is best for you as you begin your triathlon training.
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photoThe triathlon bike vs. road bike quandary. Before you even ask the road bike vs. tri bike question, you should have a couple sprint triathlons or duathlons under your belt.
author : marmadaddy
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photoMen! Need to find out the best way to shave your legs? This video will compare 6 different leg shaving products to show male triathletes how to shave their legs.
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photoLearn about the different styles of triathlon wetsuits, how to choose one and why it is beneficial to have one.
author : FitWerx
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photoThis video will go through everything you need to know to change your flat tire. See one being changed in about a minute - no reason to lose a lot of time on race day if you practiced.
author : alicefoeller
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photoFirst in a series of three articles about the basics, the niceties and the luxuries
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photoWhich component group is right for you? Here are some differences on weight, performance and price between the Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 component groups.
author : chrisandniki
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photoSo for the triathlete, where do you begin? Which model is best? Here are some features to consider before looking at specific models.
author : FitWerx
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photoHaving trouble shifting? Is your chain not going to the next gear properly? Is it making too much noise? This video will go through some adjustments to your front and rear derailleurs.
author : promotion
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photoProMotion continues to excel in the Triathlon wetsuit market with evolved designs widely regarded as the finest available and loyal support from athletes worldwide.
author : KevinKonczak
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photoSo which one is best for you? It boils down to the aforementioned questions only you can answer and, ultimately, to what extent you will use it as a tool for winter cycling fitness.
author : BGTwinDad
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photoWe will take a peek into the lowly saddlebag to see what needs to be in there in case of emergency. Much of this may be common sense, some might surprise you, and some are simply just my opinion.
author : Ron
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photoThis video tutorial will show you how to fix a flat tire and also how to change the tire itself. Don't wait until you're out on the course at the races to learn how.
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