Keeping the Blues at Bay

author : katzchen55
comments : 11
photoIf you are suffering from depression like me, take heart - you are not alone. You can use exercise and triathlon training as depression therapy.

Body Image is the Key

comments : 5
photoYour self-image serves as the operating instructions of your subconscious computer. If you don’t change the operating system, you will be doomed to repeat your past mistakes.

How Triathlon Training Changed My Life

author : mike hall
comments : 4
photoI finally bit the bullet and asked my doctor if there could be another reason to my lack of success in weight management. I did not like his answer.

Man vs. Nature: Surviving the Alcatraz Challenge

author : dr_forbush
comments : 9
photoThe boat was being tossed around. Someone noted that there were whitecaps on the waves. Another guy said, “This is going to be challenging.” I began to wonder what he meant by 'challenging'.

The "Spirituality" of the Swim

author : sbkass
comments : 8
photoI am not suggesting that I have turned into Aquaman or have grown gills or that I am a really great swimmer. I am none of those. But I have learned to love the swim.

The Power of Encouragement

author : tripastor
comments : 3
photoWhat if we applied the lesson of encouragement beyond race day? The right word at the right time can work wonders.


author : trmat79
comments : 0
photoThe next thing you know it is time for bed and another workout day has passed. This is where the heart comes in.

The 5 Minute Rule of Training

author : Ontherun
comments : 3
photoMotivation can be hard to come by some days. Here are a few things I have learned to help stay focused.

"Good Brain - Good Bod: How To Get and Stay Motivated!"

author : malvey
comments : 0
photoHow to motivate yourslef into habit forming triathlon training goals.

Give This to Your Mom and Dad - Part II

author : malvey
comments : 1
avatarHow a father and son went from zero to marathon and had the experience of a lifetime!

Spiritual Triathloning

author : Team BT
comments : 1
photoThe day that I decided to participate in a triathlon really changed my view of my own obstacles of matching the mind to the body and the spirit to contribute to society.

Triathlon Changed My Life.

author : jsanko
comments : 0
photoLike many of you, my knowledge of triathlon at that time was restricted to the Hawaii Ironman and when my friend put this idea forward I shrugged it off as being absurd.

The Pilgrimage of Triathlon

author : sbkass
comments : 0
photoHow to focus on the journey and not the destination

Triathlons and Fractions: When the Sum of the Parts is Greater than the Whole

author : tonyladd
comments : 4
photoAddressing the notion of excelling or even getting a PR in all three events in one race.

Everybody's Tri'in It

author : bflrich
comments : 0
photoYou don’t need to be naturally blessed in the sport, have oodles of free time to devote, or buckets of money to throw at equipment, and you certainly won’t be alone.
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