Beginner Triathlete - Motivation articles

author : SarahWilliams
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photoFive Easy To Apply Mind Hacks to Get You Back in the Game
author : Team BT
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photoThe definition of success is overcoming obstacles.
author : ciarac
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photoThe psychological benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous: mood enhancing, reduced anxiety and depression and also stress reduction.
author : alicefoeller
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photoIf you work through your planned workouts, here's an idea...
author : mikericci
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photoI am currently on week eight and I have lost motivation. The next few weekends are going to be busy and as the summer goes farther, it isn't going to get better. How do I stay motivated?
author : sbkass
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photoI am not suggesting that I have turned into Aquaman or have grown gills or that I am a really great swimmer. I am none of those. But I have learned to love the swim.
author : Jerrykyc
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photoThis article discusses how to overcome your fears into getting started in triathlon.
author : writingrunner
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photoA reflection of what motivates me to keep on training.
author : jbaha14
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photoCan you remove 'Can't' from your vocabulary? Learn how to remove obstacles to clear your way to your goals.
author : mike hall
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photoI finally bit the bullet and asked my doctor if there could be another reason to my lack of success in weight management. I did not like his answer.
author : Jerrykyc
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photoWhen should you get into triathlon? Anytime. My first triathlon was at age 61. I am training a lady who I taught to swim at age 62 and she will do her first triathlon at age 63.
author : dr_forbush
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photoThe boat was being tossed around. Someone noted that there were whitecaps on the waves. Another guy said, “This is going to be challenging.” I began to wonder what he meant by 'challenging'.
author : DaveScott
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photoDave Scott, six-time Hawaii Ironman world champion, shares his insights and plenty of stories to help you define your own success.
author : sbkass
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photoHow to focus on the journey and not the destination
author : trmat79
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photoThe next thing you know it is time for bed and another workout day has passed. This is where the heart comes in.
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