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Southwestmba - Philly Phit

September 2, 2014
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Day 155: One min after my ride.
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Go hawks

September 2, 2014
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Planks x 30-60s
Side Planks x 30-60s
Superman x 30-60s
Crunches x 60s
Reverse Crunches (bring knees to chest) x 60
Leg Extensions x 60s
Bicycle Crunches x 60s
Clam Shell x 50
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Speed Kills.

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 5

OK so this is how all those blank days went...

Sushi lunch with my girls. Then mani/pedi for Dara's birthday. Then a little shopping, where I scored a $70.00 top for $13.33. Got home, drove my bike out to Kaneville, only to be rained out. (So the riding INTENTION was there... just couldn't execute, due to weather)
Did about 400 loads of laundry, cleaned up the house a bit, and then this happened:

Took a cab home from the concert where our neighborhood block party was already in progress. Got home around midnight, hung out with neighbors til about 3 AM. Ugggggghhhhhhh.
Recovered from Friday night.
More laundry. Some TV. A little bit of cleaning.
Then dinner with Chrissy (from in from Tacoma!) and Agnes:

You may be interested to know that I am wearing my $13.33 top! ^^^^

Slept late.
No bike riding.
Napped a bit.
Gathered ourselves up and hightailed it [...]
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Screaming Turtle

September 2, 2014
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25 x Box Jumps \ Jumping pull-ups \ Kettlebell swings \ Walking Lunges \ Knees To Elbows
\ Push press \ Sit ups \ Wall Ball's \Burpees \ Double Unders 1 Set of 25 (13\12 15:19) with Warm-up and Cool Down 20:00.
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Goals? Who needs goals? Just move......

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 2

Well if there was ever a doubt that Homeschool was not the right thing it was erased today. This child is making tremendous changes right before my eyes and the most important is she is happy and eager to learn. From last year - stomach aches every day, not wanting to go to school, banging her head on the couch because she can't read her phonics words, calling herself stupid. To today - she told me no, not to read her story from her reading book because she wanted to read it herself. Then we missed a page which I did not even notice but she did so she went back and read it all again! She has vocab words in her reading book and they always tell you to ask the child to "use it in a sentence". Which she is good at but you remember that from school I'm sure. You stare at the word going duh.... I just can't think of anything to say. In addition to her reading program we just read a lot of books. We are reading The Trumpet of the Swan. The other day she pipes up with "Gabe, that was really[...]
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Out of the Darkness

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 4

Took Pippin on my run tonight, figuring I should get him used to running with me so I can have a running buddy during the winter (read: dark) months.  He's pretty strong and sets a brisk pace, to put it mildly.  After about a mile, he settled into a trot and wasn't pulling quite so hard, but then he'd speed up every time we got on some pavement.  Silly boy.  He'll definitely be good for speed work! 
It was pretty warm tonight (mid 80's) and I had to stop to walk a little to prevent cramps.  I stopped soon enough and was able to recover and go back to running, which was good.  The water I brought also helped.  I'm a little irritated with my Garmin because I'd really like to get the mile splits from my race Sunday as well as the running times from today.  I did a little searching around and it appears that it could be a Garmin Connect issue.
In other news, today is Alex's and my 7th wedding anniversary.  According to the wedding gi[...]
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tri-ing to figure it out :)

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 0

1. The Leg Curl:::::Settings=Back=6 3 sets of 10
POUNDS TODAY=100, did 15

2.The Leg Extension:::::Settings=Back=6
POUNDS TODAY=120, did 15

3.The Calf Raise: Each calf did 25 each

4.The Pullover:::::Settings= Back=up, Seat=10, Arms=2.
POUNDS TODAY=64, did 11

5.The Torso Arm:::::Settings=Seat=10, top
POUNDS TODAY=164, did 14

6.The Arm Cross:::::Settings=Back=4, Arm=1
POUNDS TODAY=56 but did 14

7.The Lateral Raise:::::Settings=Back is down, Seat=9, Arm=0
POUNDS TODAY=56, did 14

8. Triceps:::::Settings=Seat-=7, hands=2
POUNDS TODAY=92, 12 of them

9.The Ab Machine:::::Settings=Back=max, with pad?
POUNDS TODAY=50, did 17

10.The Lumbar Machine:::::Settings=Pads=3, Feet=3, no seat pad
POUNDS TODAY=62, did about 15

11. Leg press- bilateral legs, did 180 pounds and 120pd single legs
Leg Press Calf exercise- 120 pounds, both calves x15

12. Tibia machine- did 5 pounds each side=15

13. Added the Seated Dip, did 20 reps of 140 pounds and p[...]
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Never, never, never quit

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 2

Slept in this morning - it's supposed to be cooler tonight so no worries for my run.
Busy times at work. Next week I will train both of my new gals on how to do a bunch of stuff I've been covering for the last three months, and I can start focus on managing and growing my team. Very excited about that!
I never did book my solo vacation - which I was thinking about a lot over the high-stress work weekend. Trying to be smart about my money, and throwing $1K+ at a beach weekend, while tempting, would just set me back that much in my savings goals for the year. And with putting down $700 for IMLOU last week I'm just going to wait for the cruise next summer and soak in every second of it. Very adult-y of me.
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Find out what I can do

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 2

9 weeks out from Ironman Florida!  My sister is going to join me again in Florida, and I'm excited about that.
Mostly right now I'm excited that I was able to run today, and nothing hurts.  Well... achilies are complaining a bit but not hurt.  and that means I may be able to get back on track with my long runs.  This week an easy long run of 10 miles.  Next week 16.   Hmmm.  Do I do the 16 or drop back a bit because I missed the 14 mile run last week?

Stretching + core after run.
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El Gigante Blanco

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 0

bootcamp - upperbody
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I like my IMs how I like my steak: still Moo-ing

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 2

Was absolutely floored when I hopped on the scale this morning.  Up 7 pounds over the weekend! Guess they weren't lying when they said most of the muscle growth occurs after the program ends. Final stats:
Start: 161 lbs, 14.5% BF
End: 174 lbs, 14.7% BF
That's 11 pounds of muscle and just 2 pounds of fat.  Not too shabby for 40 days worth of work. That was a fun experiment, but time to focus on fat loss for a bit. Next 4 week program is a little less intense, with just 4 days of lifting per week.  Should allow me to run a little more
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Enjoy the Journey

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 3

Spent yesterday afternoon doing laundry and putting away our fishing gear. The mtb got pretty wet on the drive home so that will need some oil. After a weekend of poor nutritional choices, I'm actually looking forward to some light fare.

We bought some red seedless grapes at a roadside stand down in winery country that are tasting pretty good.

This week for marathon training is a cutback week, so schedule for today is a five mile run. It was raining this morning, plus I felt too bloated from vacation food to attempt it. Will pack a gym bag to take to work and hit it on the way home.

8 PM - Didn't get my run in after all, too many things to tend to.

Core routine from
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All Growth is a Leap in The Dark

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 2

4 circuits each 3 times through
1: Pushups 1 arm on Bosu other on floor 30 sec
TRX rows 30 sec
Bird dog position fly with arm opposite elevated leg 12 lb DB 15 sec ea side

2: Pulse lunge w/bent arm lateral lift 12 then 10 lb DB 20 sec ea leg forward
Reverse lunge to knee up w/bicep curl 12 then 10 lb DB 20 se ea side
Bosu crunch w/alternating leg lift

3. TRX hamstring curl 30 sec
Curtsey lunge holding 12 lb DBs 30 sec ea side
Burpess 30 sec

4. TRX speed skaters (jump side to side no touch down w/other leg) 30 sec
Squats jumps on Bosu 30 sec
Hop on one leg over line 20 sec ea side
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Trying to Tri

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 0

Swim and bike. Swim was decent - breathing felt a bit better. Bike was an easy pace. Feel like I'm getting stronger in both, but still pretty weak altogether.
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Start Where You Are

September 2, 2014
Inspires : 0

Stopped by the gym on the way home and lifted a bit.
Wood chop, high to low, side pull with weight, one armed row on one leg, lat pulldowns, reverse flys on one leg, lateral raises, tricep and biceps, chest press on SB and some lateral overhead pulls on SB. Some crunches.
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