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School me on road racing please (someone who has plenty of time, the more detailed the better)

Started by Kermat89
Views: 5687 Posts: 25

**Rules for race posting**

Started by dalessit
Views: 4116 Posts: 1
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Tour of California?

Started by gadgetlaw
Views: 40 Posts: 1
Tour of California?
2015-02-26 12:17 PM gadgetlaw

Looking for Long, Lost De Rosa

Started by tpengilly
Views: 172 Posts: 1

Cyclocross - A magical time of year Pages: 1 2 3

Started by running2far
Views: 2299 Posts: 54

I'm a roadie now...I think?? What to wear? Join a club/team?

Started by Dave 2.0
Views: 215 Posts: 5

Making the switch from Tri to Road Racing

Started by triathlonpal07
Views: 443 Posts: 12

Continued training for next Century

Started by mguglielmo
Views: 258 Posts: 2

clip-on mini bars

Started by SenatorClayDavis
Views: 527 Posts: 7

2014 cycling race report thread Pages: 1 2

Started by MonkeyClaw
Views: 2871 Posts: 48

bike riding position and fitting -

Started by nils89
Views: 280 Posts: 3

Vuelta question

Started by jmk-brooklyn
Views: 167 Posts: 2
RE: Vuelta question
2014-09-10 10:26 AM running2far

Race The Lake Roadrace

Started by MarkK
Views: 193 Posts: 1
Race The Lake Roadrace
2014-08-19 8:23 PM MarkK

Anyone else doing the Triple Bypass this year?

Started by KatieLimb
Views: 600 Posts: 10

TdF Thread?

Started by Kido
Views: 428 Posts: 9

Indoor Trainer Low HR

Started by itsbs2
Views: 479 Posts: 5

TdF Challenge - Are we doing it this year ?

Started by dan king
Views: 1230 Posts: 12

My first century and I crashed!

Started by sallya
Views: 1585 Posts: 9

Anyone ever race tour of mount joy in PA?

Started by Kermat89
Views: 670 Posts: 4

Tour of Flanders - SPoiler.... Finish

Started by ChrisM
Views: 328 Posts: 2

Trainer Road Question/Issue

Started by sinnerman
Views: 563 Posts: 2

HR Gurus, what is going on with my HR???

Started by Kermat89
Views: 562 Posts: 3

Commuting for volume

Started by Danno77
Views: 1541 Posts: 18

"Tour de Sufferlandria" announcement on Oct 25

Started by Mike_D
Views: 1819 Posts: 15

Harpoon B2B 2014

Started by everlong
Views: 434 Posts: 1
Harpoon B2B 2014
2014-01-22 10:01 AM everlong
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