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2012-05-09 10:14 AM


Subject: 70.3 Yeppoon

Has anyone competed at this event?

The web site says the swim is parrelel to the beach assisted by the this really the case? Is it a wet suit swim and what sort of race conditions can you expect on the 3 courses.

Just trying to decide whether to enter...any information much appreciated.


2012-05-10 2:43 AM
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Yeppoon

I haven't done it but some neighbors did it last year and said the road surface is very rough and wears you down.

I'm going to do the Cairns HIM next year, much nicer course!
2012-05-13 5:29 AM
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Brisbane, Australia
Subject: RE: 70.3 Yeppoon

Raced last year, swim is definitely current assisted and very simple. Out for 100m, turn left, parallel to the beach for 1700m then turn left and back into the beach. Ocean swim but fairly protected unless it is particularly windy (unlikely though) and then there might be a bit of chop but never really any swell as Yeppoon is still protected by the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

Ride is a bit frustrating, heaps of laps of an L-shape which made it tough to get into a rhythm, I much prefer a simple out & back or 2 laps max course. Half of each lap is a really rough, granular surface and the other half is super smooth. Being right on the coast, it can be quite windy.

The run is in and around the resort and includes paved paths, smooth roads and a short trail section. As opposed to the ride, it is nice going back through the resort and start/finish several times. The worse part of the run is that part of it weaves around the resort pool and it makes you just want to call it quits and dive in!!!

All up it is a well run race with a great, laid back atmosphere. It is also great if you get a room at the resort as it makes it a good holiday and location as well. Enjoy.

2012-05-14 12:54 PM
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Yeppoon

Thanks folks.

I think I'll go ahead and register. It will be only my second 70.3 (just done Busso) and a good lead into the 70.3 Asia-Pac in Thailand in December - that course is meant to be a killer!

See you there!

2012-05-17 11:13 PM
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Cairns - Australia
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Yeppoon

We went to Phuket 2 years ago, loved it.  We did the smaller tri the first weekend then the 70.3 the following weekend, well my husband did, I unfortunately had to pull out after the swim due to being stung my a jelly fish across my shoulder and arm.

The swim is really weird when you have to go from salt water to fresh water, you suddenly feel like you have to work very hard.  The bike course is a killer, hopefully your a strong rider, find hills the higher the better as alot of people get off and walk the hills.  My sister-in-law nearly came off but someone caught her in time, and my husband said his thighs were burning by the time you got to the top.

Run is on different terrain throughout, you run on track past the elephants then onto sealed road, then the golf course and this is the loops.   People are very friendly and it was a great family holiday as well.

2012-09-24 1:34 PM
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Yeppoon

Hey buddy,

Did you end up racing at Yeppoon? It was an awesome race this year, conditions were the best I've seen up there in years.

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