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2014-04-22 9:30 PM
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Subject: RE: 30 runs in 30 days - who's with us?
Originally posted by navbtcret

Thanks everyone, the race and crowds were amazing. I was cruising, having one of those great runs. I was feeling strong and having no issues right up until mile 22. Now I have never cramped up before racing until yesterday. I got one of those cramps in my left calf that wakes you up from your sleep out of nowhere just like sleeping and I was doomed after that. I had to stop and stretch it out several times over the last 4 miles. I even went into a med tent at about mile 23.5 to get some water and a banana, they wanted to keep me there but I would hear nothing of it so off I went again. I usually have a kick for the last half mile but none yesterday, it was all I could do to keep moving to the finish. I finished with a heavy limp but a big smile on my face. I am not disappointed at all either. I did exactly want I set out to do, run a sub 3:20 or blow trying and I went boom.

It was also warmer than I would've liked but no excuses I was not prepared for that pace plain and simple so back to training and look for a summer marathon to try and get back to Boston next year.

Thanks again for all your support and kind words. Day 880 was and I had 26.5 miles on my watch.

Today 881, 1.6 recovery miles. I am back home as well. On another note my photo was on the front page of the Boston Globe on Monday, they took my photo Sunday and used it in their article about the marathon. I know it was not because of my good looks either, it was because on my red, white and blue beard.

Great race. Those Newton hills are evil! Its great to cross the finish line knowing you didn't hold back, and any Boston finish is awesome. I hope to see you out there next year.

#548- 4 mi easy again, may do one long run before my HIM in a week and a half, or may just extend my taper a bit and let my knee heal up a bit.

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