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2013-05-30 5:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Wanna feel good?
My thought when I see obese people? "There but for the grace of God go I."

I WAS that person. Still am, but a lot less of that person than I was. I think I probably hit 310 - don't really know for sure, didn't care much for scales then. It's amazing how easy it was to be that way. I realize not everyone knows that. They've been active all their life, or blessed with one of those metabolisms that allow them to eat just about anything they want without gaining weight. For me it was especially easy due to a medical condition that was a contributing factor. But mostly it was about lifestyle choices. I ate fast food. I smoked. I didn't exercise. When I first started exercising, it was mostly crosstraining, primarily weights, which wasn't going to help me drop the weight, but at that point I thought exercise was exercise, and as long I was sweating it was all good.

Four years ago I was thrust into a major lifestyle change, laid off from my job like so many at that time. No more going to Starbucks each morning and eating fast food for lunch and, more importantly, I had time to exercise. I had a bike, I started riding it. Eight miles around the neighborhood was an accomplishment. I couldn't ride up a lot of hills. Now I charge up them in the big ring.

A lot of people int he situation I was in would have gotten even more unhealthy, sitting around watching TV and eating. I had a goal to build a business, which helped. But without that motivation, I could have easily gone the other way. Now I'm 90 pounds lighter and in the best physical shape of my life at 44. I have done mountain bike races, where four years ago the thought of any physical competition was completely foreign to me. I started running last year and did my first 5k earlier this month. And I plan to do a sprint tri by the end of the year.

Part of the reason I race is maintain motivation. After dropping a bunch, I needed continued motivation other than just losing weight. Doing better in the MTB races, running a faster 5k provide that motivation.

I have a ways to go before reaching my goal. But I know I'm going to get there. It would just be a lot easier if I could pull my sweet tooth.

All that said, seeing obese people does make me feel good. I'll admit it. But not at their expense. It makes me feel good because I know what I accomplished. I know how easy it is to get fat, and how hard it is to go the other way. I don't judge - I don't know why anyone is fat. Could be a medical condition, could be poor lifestyle choices. could be people just don't know any better. The change happens slowly, and you don't remember how you used to feel to know that you feel like crap now. It's different going the other way, because I sure remember how climbing stairs had me wheezing, and how I felt when I first started riding the bike and would reach the top of a hill with my lungs aching. I know I don't ever want to be that guy again.

2013-05-30 6:13 PM
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asheville, nc
Subject: RE: Wanna feel good?
Or Dollywood, obese is the new thin
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2013-05-30 6:44 PM
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Subject: RE: Wanna feel good?
Unfortunately most Americans are taught from birth to eat whatever they want whenever they want. Healthy modern diet habits have to be trained from childhood it would seem. We should also teach our kids to be active (swim team, running, whatever) in sports that can be carried on into adulthood (unfortunately American football doesn't really carry on well into adulthood, which is too bad considering how much some families pay to raise a starting quarterback).
2013-05-30 7:23 PM
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Subject: RE: Wanna feel good?

yeah- pretty scary when you get a peek at the general population.

it's strange tho'.  Of all my friends and family, everyone exercises- either a little or a lot, and pretty much everyone is reasonably fit.  I believe that our society is being segregated, not only by affluence, but by lifestyle as well.

As unhealful as americans in general are; affluent americans are (according to the world health organization), the healthiest demographic group in the world.

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