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Subject: Wetsuit for a tall slim guy
I am 6'7" and 180lbs so real tall and lean and looking to do my first triathlons this year. I am finding most of the wetsuit companies stop their sizing at 6'3". So I am looking for any recommendations of sizes from fellow tall triathletes. I am quite proportionate in my body, Not overly long legs or torso. 38" inseam and about 23" from hip to the top of my shoulder. Anyway thanks for any info in advance

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Subject: RE: Wetsuit for a tall slim guy
Probably not Xterra. I am 6'3", 180 and bought a large Vector 3. I was borderline medium-large vs large sizing. I got the large but now wish I had considered medium-large as it seems a little loose in some places. Regarding length, at my height the legs stop several inches above my ankle and the arms stop 2-3" above my wrists. In other words, you can't cover your watch with the sleeves. I think some people prefer to do that to prevent buttons being pushed accidentally and also to assist with wetsuit removal.

I've also read suggestions to trim the legs a little on wetsuits to make it easier to remove. If I did that, the suit would stop at my calves.

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Subject: RE: Wetsuit for a tall slim guy
I am also 6 foot 7 and find buying tri gear a bit of a challenge. However, there is hope. My current wetsuits are made by De Soto, Zoot and Neo Sport. I think the De Soto T1 will serve you best. Give them a call or email and they will give you some advice on what will work for you. If you choose not to do that use the size charts and pick a suit based upon your weight. When in doubt go smaller. The suit is supposed to feel tight.
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Subject: RE: Wetsuit for a tall slim guy
Sent another to DeSoto..l am 6'6" at 190 lbs and they fit me perfectly
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Subject: RE: Wetsuit for a tall slim guy
Thanks for the point in the right direction my fellow mutants . Really appreciate your knowledge and experience.
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