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2013-07-08 12:43 PM
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Greenville, SC
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Subject: RE: Do you have a life outside of triathlon?
Yes I have a life outside of Triathlon.  Fully time job, married, and 2 kids.  I am fully active in both my kids lives and sports that they play.  I have started incorporating my training into my social life.  The other day wife and kids were going over to a friends house for dinner...was about 8 miles away so I left a little bit before they did and just ran over to there house...Triathlon is a hobby to me...not a life.

2013-07-08 11:21 PM
in reply to: flossybach

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Subject: RE: Do you have a life outside of triathlon?
It is a hobby for me and I have a life outside of it and try to schedule most training before work or at lunch. On the weekends when the training gets long, it can get tough on the family.

But there are times I change things up to make family time happen. Like ride to my dad's place rather than drive the 50-60 miles it is. run over to friends house and meet my family there. Take the kids to the Y, do my swim and then go play in the water with them.

Next year, I am going to train for HIMs and plan those to vacation locations. Show up few days before the race, race, and then do family stuff the rest of the time. Logistically it will be somewhat of a challenge taking my bike along and worrying about it getting stolen but I'll figure out something to make it happen.

IM won't happen again for a couple of years until I can save up money for a family vacation somewhere nice to make it worthwhile for the family so they get something out me being gone so much for training.
2013-07-08 11:55 PM
in reply to: Flying Kiwi

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Prairie Village, Kansas
Subject: RE: Do you have a life outside of triathlon?
2013-07-09 11:38 AM
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Livonia, MI
Subject: RE: Do you have a life outside of triathlon?

Ah, it's all relative, isn't it?

I can give fitness a certain number of hours per week without slacking on work, home, yard, responsibilities, etc.; let's call it roughly 10 hours.  I can get quite a bit done in those 10 hours and they have made me faster, stronger, fitter, healthier and happier.

With the 10 hours, I don't feel I have to sacrifice anything other than some of my leisure time, and this just a different way to spend 10 hours of that time so it's really no sacrifice at all.  I still have enough leisure time beyond that to do other things like socialize, be with family, pursue other non-fitness hobbies, etc.

Also, the 10 fitness hours are not always dedicated to s/b/r because I love to teach group fitness, weight train, rock climb.  So it's fair to say that I don't even let triathlon take over the fitness aspect of my life, let alone my WHOLE life.

I would hope to never allow a hobby that is supposed to be for fun to take over and rule my lifestyle.  I already have a job that sometimes takes up more time and mental real estate than I would like; but that helps to pay the bills so it's not going anywhere for now.

I'm never going to be an elite athlete so why sacrifice anything at all in order to go from an average finisher to.....well, an average finisher.

2013-07-09 12:57 PM
in reply to: noelle1230

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Jenison, MI
Subject: RE: Do you have a life outside of triathlon?
My workouts are my first stress reliever, to be honest. My sales job can get to me at times, so I really look forward to getting out on the road for a run or a ride. I can almost say I look forward to getting in the pool even! Whatever is eating at me just falls away when I am out there. It's great therapy. I of course have multiple friends who do them, so we spend time talking about them. I generally train by myself, but on occasion, I do work out with others.

I know very well that I have choices on how to prioritize things. I have a boat on which I spend almost every weekend from mid May through early September. I go there before and after my weekend races. I have a waverunner that I like to bring out as well. Every weekend involves hanging out with my boating friends (almost none of whom are triathletes). I am an avid reader as well as, I must confess, a comic book collector. I follow sports with a passion, especially baseball and college football and basketball. I attend numerous sporting events every year. I only have a few television series that I watch (thank you DVR), but I have picked up some new ones while on the trainer in the winter months. I hit the golf course while I can, but I don't do so as much anymore. I'm still a bit of a video gamer, as well, but that tends to go in shifts with my reading (I'll OD on one for a month or two and then switch to the other).

I do want to make a point, though, to those who say they aren't much in to socializing. Socializing can take lots of forms, *including* our interactions on sites like this. It may be harder to find those with the same interests in person, so we often substitute message boards for in person socialization. It is still socializing, just without the drink in hand (usually). I've found that in the last year I've spend increasing amounts of time interacting on both this site as well as a sports site related to my alma mater.

I guess what it comes down to is that I feel I do have a life outside of triathlon, but I don't look at it that way. I'm never going to be a pro, nor even a high level AG'er, but I just *enjoy* doing it, both training and racing. I want to improve. Therefore I do it and I back other things off for a while...same thing I do when I get focused on learning about a certain subject.

And yes, quite obviously, I am single...
2013-07-09 11:18 PM
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2011 Scion xB
Subject: RE: Do you have a life outside of triathlon?
All about balance and time management my friend. My plate is full but the only way I am successful is to be well managed with my time and my selection of how I spend my time.

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