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Subject: OCU Sports Performance Testing Services
In conjunction with the Oklahoma City University Department of Exercise Sport Science, the OCU Sport Performance program is open and ready to serve athletes ages 12 and older from the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas. Employing the latest in testing and training techniques the OCU Sports Performance program provides training programs and performance evaluations for athletes from every sport and level of competition.

Sports Performance evaluation services include:

Body Comp Testing ($10)
VO2max Testing ($65) Run, bring your own bike or use ours
Lactate Threshold Testing ($65) Run, bring your own bike or use ours
Movement Scree ($15)
Running Gait Analysis ($40)

If interested please contact me:

Jason Miller, PhD, CSCS*D, USAW
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
Oklahoma City University
2501 N Blackwelder
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493
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