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2013-07-13 10:09 PM

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Subject: 1 Mile Swim
I entered and completed a 1 mile swim at Lake T today in Connecticut. The first time I swam a mile since Boy Scouts in 1983. Finished in 33:54. All looks good for the upcoming Sprint. Should shave 2 minutes off last month's 1/2 mile.


2013-07-14 10:14 PM
in reply to: Jump4Joy


Subject: RE: 1 Mile Swim
nice! Just did my first full 750M in the pool and did it just under 16 minutes. too bad I cant flip turn.
Keep up the good work!
2013-07-17 2:47 PM
in reply to: Jump4Joy

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Subject: RE: 1 Mile Swim
Great job! Especially for OWS!
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