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Boise, ID
Subject: Death Valley Cent/Ultra/Double Cent
Anyone doing this ride in October or has done it before? My wife and I are making a vacation out of it...we'll be driving down from Boise. We will be staying at the Furnace Creek Ranch for the event.....Tom
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Valley of Fire ride tomarrow

Started by steven.reedy
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2010-03-28 2:49 PM steven.reedy
date : September 9, 2009
author : runrgrl2007
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One slight problem. I don't know how to swim at all. When I say 'at all', I don't even dog paddle because I am scared to death of water. But I am going to do this.
date : October 20, 2008
author : AMSSM
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Twenty of the total 25 deaths associated with triathlons as recorded by USA Triathlon occurred during the swim portion of the events. So, what’s the deal with swimming?
date : April 11, 2007
author : MegL
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Triathletes want more! Instead of a double or triple Ironman, how about a fourth sport?
date : April 11, 2007
author : Terese Luikens
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Have a goal when you get into the water. If your purpose is distance, then set your pace for endurance. If your objective is speed, then incorporate drills.
date : May 1, 2006
author : KevinKonczak
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Discussions on periodization, tubular vs clinchers, swimming cadence, 650's vs 700's, plan priority, RAAM after double IM and swim training before race day.