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2013-09-16 9:53 AM
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Subject: RE: I am intolerant of stuff ...

Originally posted by Socks 

-Drivers who don't respect crosswalks when I have a big WALK sign....SERIOUSLY?  I am a pedestrian in a crosswalk with a WALK sign I have the right of way.  even without the WALK sign I have the right of way

THIS. I cross a pedestrian cross walk a minimum of 2x per day at work. The other day crossing with a co-worker a driver flipped us off! WTF?! He had a parking permit for the company we work for, too bad we weren't quick enough to get a visual on his licence plate. 

These crosswalks have ground markings, signage markings and BLINKING LIGHTS for peet's sake.

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Other Resources My Cup of Joe » I am intolerant of stuff ... Rss Feed  
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