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2013-09-19 4:08 AM
in reply to: mcmanusclan5

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New York, NY
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Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
well I have been so unstructured and kind of a slacker this season that there really is not an off season
Have a HIM in November and then I start training for Boston

off season?

2013-09-19 5:10 AM
in reply to: TriToy

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Canton, Bawlmer City
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Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
Like Matt, I'm looking forward to letting my tired old body heal up for a few weeks, then back at whenever that is.  I'll be doing a bunch of low/no impact, low intensity stuff to keep everything moving, but also have a couple of weeks thrown in where I'm doing NOTHING.
2013-09-19 7:16 AM
in reply to: mcmanusclan5

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Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?

Maybe this is weird but I pop open Excel and create a training plan. I had a horrible season this year, full of injuries, so it's time to regroup and rethink. Putting down goals and a plan to get there makes it real for me.

A week off won't kill you. If you let it go to three weeks you're losing fitness. Put together a maintenance plan. You don't need to go full tilt right back into training, but don't let that base you've built up all year get lost either. What of the three sports are you most in need of improvement? Focus on that this winter.

Signing up for races always helps me. Once you've laid out the money, you've got to show up ready to race.

2013-09-19 7:51 AM
in reply to: BrianRunsPhilly

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Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
"Terrify" is a bit melodramatic don't ya think?

Try to keepa a balance in you life grassahoppa.....
2013-09-19 7:56 AM
in reply to: BrianRunsPhilly

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Northern Illinois
Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
My "A" race was a week ago. I always take a full week off with no S/B/R. I don't think I need it as much physically as I do mentally. I find that after a week of no exercise and pretty much eating whatever I want, I'm ready to get back into training. I keep it pretty unstructured for another week or so and just do what I feel like doing. Once I get past that stage I plan out my season for the coming year. Once that "A" race is selected and signed up for I'm ready to get back to a structured training plan and start building again.
2013-09-19 7:58 AM
in reply to: Rogillio

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Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
I just finished my A race a few weeks back and have run into the dreaded "blues". Sort of weird since I didn't expect to feel that way.

That said I look forward to my offseason since I work a bit more on weights and, within the 3 diciplines, speed. I love the shorter interval stuff though it's amazing how much it can tax you....if even for only 45 minutes. Definitely keep up the swimming since this year is the most I've ever done. And would like to get a Computrainer, but it's not in the budget so maybe just join a class or two.

Regardless, my body will get a chance to heal up a bit and it is nice not knowing I have to do 2-a-days often.

2013-09-19 8:15 AM
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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
Originally posted by mcmanusclan5

Sure, it'll probably pass and I'll be back at it shortly (probably a sign that I really did NEED some down time - if my leg wasn't telling me that already),


Maybe the first thing you do to get training going again should be completely different. Go to a climbing wall, do a zumba calss. Something way out of the ordinary sets you have been putting in. Just to freshen things up?

or once you have had a good chunk of rest decide that training starts with fixing something. So only go and do running form sessions or do some max cadance measurments on your bike. They might not challange your fitness much but may give you some data to help design a plan for next year.

Or have some fun going shopping in end of year sales for new kit!

Originally posted by mcmanusclan5

Sign up for races now?

Plenty of fun winter events coming up. Ever done a polar bear plunge or a winter HM?

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2013-09-19 8:20 AM
in reply to: mcmanusclan5

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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
i'm actually looking forward to it.  i'll get to put in some good quality training without worry too much about my training stress affecting any upcoming races.  pool and bike are going to be my focus, just going to run the way i am now, although with the trainer rides i should have more time for a little more run volume.  will probably trade my weekend long rides for mountain biking, which should be fun too.
2013-09-19 9:38 AM
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2011 Scion xB
Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?
The off-season should be embraced. I always recommend to take 10-17 days completely off from training. I do lots of hiking, walking, watching football or really any other activities other then SBR. It is important to rest the body and mind before starting a new season. Many times athletes make the mistake of restarting too early, or too late, and bury themselves early or loose lots of fitness.

Once getting back into training I usually do another 2 weeks light training unstructured. This is wear I leave the GPS and all metrics at home. Break out the roadie or mountain bike, run trails (less impact), swim easy. Times will slow a bit, power numbers might decrease some but that is normal. During this time I find out my motivations and work on goals for the upcoming year.

Personally my coach wants me to do many small running races (5k.10k's) to work on my top end speed. But really its all for fun instead of competition. I am usually back into full focus right after the holidays.

I also do lots of cross training in the winter: XC skiing, snowshoeing, resistance training, etc.

Have a plan, stick to it, and attack it. But enjoy down time and get other projects in life taken care of.
2013-09-19 10:22 AM
in reply to: Leegoocrap

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Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa.
Subject: RE: Does the "Off season" terrify anyone else?

Originally posted by Leegoocrap Race season IS the off season. After the races are over for the year, you can really get down to business and get some serious training done.

Hella yeh!

And that includes lifting weights!


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