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2014-09-15 9:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Ironman Chattanooga : Official Thread
Originally posted by miamiamy

Originally posted by rwekin

Originally posted by miamiamy

Random question for those using Tri Bike Transport.

Are you guys removing your rear bottle cages for transport? This is my first race that offered tri bike transport so it's new to me. I thought I saw that we were to do this and quite honestly I just remember how annoying it is to put that thing on there tightly in the first place so I'm checking with others before I take it off.

Obviously, I don't want it to break in transport (duh) but also obviously I don't want to be unable to get it secure with my little hex wrench in the hotel and drop the whole kit and caboodle over a set of train tracks (duh again).

Clearly this is the useless place my empty brain has decided to obsess on this week. But any feedback is appreciated.

I used TriBike Transport earlier this year at IM Texas. When I dropped it off I asked that same question. However, they only removed my pedals and said that the rear bottle cages did not need to be removed. The bike arrived without a problem in Texas from Ohio, and returned in just as good condition. My sticky fuel bottles were still on the back of the bike when I picked it up at home after the race. I'd hate to see some thing happen to your bike, but that, at least, was my limited experience with them.

Excellent - Thanks!. Obviously anything can happen. But I think I'm going to try that same thing. If they say they have to come off I'll do it then and it is what it is. Did you do the bike valet - is that how your bottles were still there after?

Yes. So once I was done with the race, I got my morning bag and went back to the hotel. Actually, the following morning I went back to retrieve my gear bags, but the bikes and gear weren't back yet when I got there. I wasn't able to wait around there because I would have missed my flight. So they just collected my stuff when it arrived and put it in the gear bag I also shipped. When I got my bike and bag back at the LBS the bottles were still on the bike and my stuff was all in the transition bag. It was simple.

2014-09-18 8:28 PM
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Subject: RE: Ironman Chattanooga : Official Thread
Hello everyone!!! Ironman Chattanooga is just around the corner!!! wanted to share a short web series we have done with Pro Anna Cleaver!

Check out the rest on her YouTube page! Also give Element Visuals a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @elementvisuals1

Hope to catch some of you on the course!! Good luck to all a safe event!1



Element Visuals
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