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2014-08-20 3:51 AM
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Subject: RE: Stock Market
Originally posted by Left Brain

Originally posted by gr33n Personally feeling more comfortable with short positions (SDS) in this market every day. If it was (and it was) liquidity driven on the way up, it makes sense that the prospect of that liquidity drying up only brings forward the opposite. I will add with weekly close in S&P below 1880. Big test for me comes at 1800. First objective for take profit 1650 possibly even 1450-1500. Kumbaya.

Your gonna have to wait....and likely keep missing out....at least through Obama's term.

Could be. Manipulation at its best.

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date : April 13, 2007
author : B-One
comments : 8
This article estimates how much time can be saved in sprint races by converting from stock aero wheels found on most tri bikes to more aero disk and composite spoked wheels.