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Subject: HUGE Cycling event "Finish The Ride" on Apirl 27th 2014 in LA
Guys, if you're ready for an awesome, exciting cycling event, here it is.

Damian Kevitt was hit by a driver while he was on his bicycle. He was stuck under the car and was dragged onto the freeway by this hit-and-run crazy driver. Damian was dragged 400-600 feet under the car and left on the freeway. luckily he survived—but he had his leg amputated.

He recovered (thank the lord) and is now even got back on his bike!

He is now going to drive the same route he originally got hit on, but now with thousands of cyclists!!!!

LA City Councilmen Tom LaBonge and Mitch O'Farrell are behind this. There is even new legislation in the works to protect bicyclists in LA from similar tragedies.

There is all sorts of media who covered this event.

ABC Local:
LA Weekly:
LA Daily News:
Huffington Post:

There are 3 different rides that will happen on Sunday Apr 27th. The most advanced ride is the “Leg Burn” Training Ride at 7:30am – it's 23 miles from start to end, 1600 feet of elevation gain over 11 miles, mostly on the paved back roads of Griffith Park.

I know it's going to be loads of fun. The best article covering the event is from the LA Streets Blog:

Here is the sign up:

Funds collected will benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Follow the event on Twitter:
Like the Facebook Page:

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