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Subject: FS: Rotor 3D Aero Crankset & XTERRA Wetsuit
I have a Rotor 3D Aero Crankset (53x39 / 172.5) with the bottom bracket for sale. This was installed on my Cervelo P3 purchased in January 2012 and was used from that time until January 2014. The crankset has been well cared for by myself and the mechanics at Fit Werx 2 in Peabody, MA and is in good condition. I'd like $150 plus shipping.


I also have a used XTERRA Vortex 3 Sleeveless suit for sale. The suit is a Men's Small and the legs have been cut a few inches in accordance with XTERRA's recommendations. The suit was only used about 10 times per season and is in very good condition. There are no cuts, gashes, or fingernail holes in the material. The was rinsed with fresh water after each use and is stored on an XTERRA hanger. I'm thinking $50 plus shipping, but I will consider reasonable offers.


2014-02-17 8:24 PM
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Subject: RE: FS: Rotor 3D Aero Crankset & XTERRA Wetsuit
Crankset Sold.
2014-02-18 7:09 PM
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Subject: RE: FS: Rotor 3D Aero Crankset & XTERRA Wetsuit
Can you please email me a picture of your wetsuit.
2014-02-19 2:37 PM
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Subject: RE: FS: Rotor 3D Aero Crankset & XTERRA Wetsuit
Wetsuit & Crankset both Sold

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