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2014-03-03 8:14 PM

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Subject: Sore Ankles from too much to soon, or worse?
Hey Fellas, before I post my issue, here's a little history regarding my running for the last year.

10 months ago, I got hit by a car while cycling, and an MRI showed I had a bone bruise on my knee. So because of that I haven't ran, and even before the accident I wasn't running. I got cleared 3 weeks ago to start running from my doc. So I started running with a Tri club. They do an interval speed run on Monday's, and a 10K tempo run on Wednesdays. So 2 weeks ago was my first run in about a year (probably more), and I completed the interval training. Nothing wrong except being sore from not running in forever. Went to the 10K tempo run, ran that fine (around 8 minute pace) but made it through the whole run without stopping. The next day my ankles felt like they were broken (my left more so than my right). It was pretty hard to even walk on them. This was the second time I've ran in a year. I tried running on my lunch break on that Friday and it felt like my ankles were broken yet again and could only get a mile down the road until I said OK this is enough.

Last Monday, it bothered me while I was doing the interval run, but sporadically. Some legs of it I didn't know it was there, other times every stride I felt it. The next day my ankles were irritated when I walked. This time it was my right more so than my left. I didn't go to last Wednesday's tempo run because I had to work. I haven't run since. My ankles have progressively felt better to where they aren't bothering me when I walk, but if I start the running it bothers me instantly.

Tonight I went to the interval group and decided I wasn't going to run at all, and I was going to walk. Not much was going on, and felt decent. I started a few strides of running to see where my ankles were and my left foot is irritated. My right is fine.

I've been doing RICE, and been searching online for what it could be because I have a race in 12 days. Any ideas? I don't think it's a sprain or stain because I didn't hear a pop or rip, and it's not sensitive to the touch, and it'd be a little odd to have that happen to both feet. Should I wait until the day before the race and try running? My cardio is good enough for the race since I'm running a sprint. My ankles don't bother me on the bike or the swim, so I've been focusing a lot of that.

I attached the picture to show where it's hurting, and it's highlighted red in this picture.


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2014-03-04 4:38 AM
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Subject: RE: Sore Ankles from too much to soon, or worse?

2nd time running in a year and you have done a 10k? I think you have answered your own questions regarding if this is too much too soon.

Maybe follow a couch to 10k program?
2014-03-04 5:02 AM
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Subject: RE: Sore Ankles from too much to soon, or worse?
Well don't get me wrong I've been very active in that year logging a few thousand on the bike and various other activities. No running like stuff though. I guess I didn't think that I'd have to "acclimate" my ankles to running.
2014-03-04 7:13 AM
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Subject: RE: Sore Ankles from too much to soon, or worse?
Running is very high impact compared to biking, swimming, and lots of other activities. Even if you were doing some impact sports like basketball, it's still a different kind of sustained impact. If you really didn't have a running background, regardless of your aerobic fitness, you need to ease into running and gradually build up mileage, before even thinking about speedwork. The workouts you describe just aren't appropriate for a beginning runner, or someone coming off a long layoff. It's pretty normal for joints to complain about that kind of sudden stress. I would take time off running, continue to RICE, maybe try some ibuprofen or topical anti-inflammatory--and get back to running gradually once your ankles are no longer sore. It might help to do some of your runs on softer surfaces if possible.
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