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2014-09-20 10:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Beer Drinker Accountability/Appreciation Society - Open
Originally posted by b2b14

Welcome Steve.

So I am running a race this coming Saturday in Wilmington. I signed up so I could do some training in Wilmington and maybe get in a practice swim for the half. What I realized today is that I will be doing almost the exact same swim as the half (1500 meters of it) in the same water using the same T1 and the bike course has some overlap. That should be a large confidence booster. I will even be staying at the same hotel.

I did the same thing for IMWI. They run the Madison Open Water Swim - it was a two loop swim instead of one loop, but was really great. I went and road two loops of the bike course afterward, in 95 degree heat (my cleats left imprints in the fresh asphalt). Significant confidence boost.

2014-09-21 7:34 AM
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Subject: RE: Beer Drinker Accountability/Appreciation Society - Open
Wow, a short 2 mile run a week ago, a 2200 yd swim Wednesday and a 20 miler on the bike Thursday - that's it since my August 30th race. I'm trying to get a running race or two on the schedule but every weekend for the next few weeks is taken up with either soccer or football with the kids - which is great (love watching them play) but boy does it wreck me mentally on motivation to get out the door. A friend has sent a bunch of races a group is looking to do this fall and literally every weekend is occupied. I think they have written me off at this point. The half mary is now off the plate in October as that is the first kid-sport-free weekend we have and the hubby frowned a little at having me go to MA for a race. I think this is when mental toughness and discipline is built. I think Monday I'll join the new climbing gym and get my climb on (my all-time favorite sport in the world) and get some endorphins back.
Off to church and maybe a bike ride this afternoon while the boys watch football and make chili.
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