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2014-10-21 7:04 PM
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Subject: RE: SBR Utopia ~~~~ Permanently OPEN!!

Originally posted by ChrisM

Originally posted by Jason N

Originally posted by axteraa

Originally posted by ChrisM

And I made a hotel reservation for late July in Whistler.   Just in case

Happened across a pretty good rte in expedia, checked the hotel website and it was about $20 higher.  Called to see if they'd match and they said "hmmm, that's a mistake, should be $100 higher, I'd book right now if I were you as I am going to go change it."  Type as fast as I could and got a hotel 2 minutes from the finish for a touch over 100/night, with cancellation up to the Thursday before.  That is, IF I sign up.....

Sweet deal!  Always a good idea to keep your options open.  

I'd see it as knee deep rather than keeping options open...LOL.

Pretty much

Looks like 2015 will be

Boise 70.3
IM Canada
Silverman 70.3

Plus some other various and sundries

And Alcatraz a week before Boise.  Because you're getting in, remember.

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