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2014-07-12 7:56 PM


Subject: Competition inside the competition
Two friends and I do 6-8 sprint triathlons together per year. After a triathlon today we were discussing side competitions for the season such as awarding points for winning individual events within the triathlons-most improvement between triathlons, etc. The idea being to keep track throughout the season and count up all of the points at the end of the year. trying to figure out where to start. Has anyone ever done anything like this? Can anyone share any ideas, Thanks

2014-07-12 8:28 PM
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Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject: RE: Competition inside the competition
Here's what I would do. There are three of you. Who ever comes first, take their time. Then divide it by one of your times and multiply by 100. So basically the winner out of the three of you gets 100 points. The next person down might get 96.5 or what ever percentage it yours out too. Basically you can tell if you are closing in on your friends or moving away each year.
2014-07-13 11:26 AM
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Northern IL
Subject: RE: Competition inside the competition

That's basically now a local series is doing it. (fastest time / contestant's time) * 1000

2014-07-13 12:29 PM
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Hereford, England
Subject: RE: Competition inside the competition
Along with the points for the overall time, what about splitting it up into the 5 (s/b/r/t1/t2) sections and giving points for the winner of the individual parts?

Giving treble points for the overall, double for the s/b/r, single for t1 and t2. Or could look at giving different points for all secions, swin x2, bike x1.5, run x1.75, for example

Anything you do may need about 10 races worth of data. Then could look at fixing it a bit so you are all coming out about even, then you are all competing and no one is getting left behind.

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