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2017-06-26 6:58 AM
in reply to: nrpoulin

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North Grafton, Massachusetts
Subject: RE: The Call of Shame!
Originally posted by nrpoulin

Saw your bike on Garmin and I was like damn way to go man. Don't know how today was up north but it was hot as F*** here even though overcast. Did you take enough water? lytes? Thats around 3 hours of working out. I have to admit I laughed when reading "double whammy hammy".

By the way if don't be to hard on your swim. I think garmin had your pace at 1:36 or something. That is hauling. You built the speed up now you just got to work on sighting. Seems like a damn good race when you look at paces 1:36, 19.2, and 8:13. Just sayin

Where are you going in NH? We are heading up for our August trip at the end of July. This year I gonna stay the whole two weeks with the family.


Temps weren't too bad. Started in the low to mid 70s when I left the house, but were right around 80 when I bombed. I think I took in enough water. I had 3 bottles with me, each one about 24 oz and I had finished just about all of them. Two bottles were more carbs, but with some electrolytes, and one bottle was all electrolytes. I think the 9 day layoff plus the fact that my diet was pretty bad while we were on vacation and I only had a very small breakfast before going out all contributed.

I did see that pace, but it seems a little dubious even with me wearing the wetsuit. If anything, just the simple fact that I completely stopped at least 3 times to get water out of my goggles makes me wonder. But yeah, if that pace is correct, it would be an awesome pace! And, yes, I'm very happy with my bike and run paces. I'm probably most proud of that for the fact that I put the bad swim behind me and focused on what was left of the race. I've seen firsthand how people (friends) have let a bad swim ruin the rest of their race. So I was proud of myself for letting it go and performing my best for the rest of the race. And especially given the rainy, cool conditions. There was still a lot of positive from that race.

We just got back on Saturday from 6 days up in North Conway. We hit a lot of the hot spots, opting for Santa's Village over Storyland this year. I was thinking about you when we were there because we were at Echo Lake, but not the one where you had a tri a year or two ago. I had brought my swim gear to do a workout since the lake is about 1/4 mile wide, but in the end I spent time catching pollywogs and swimming with the kids.

Two weeks sounds fantastic! Our vacation was over far too quickly. Where are you staying? Got any good plans?


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