Cloudy High 5FLow -2F
  • Temp: 0F
  • Hum: 77%
  • W: 7mph NW
Partly cloudy
High 25F
Low 20F
Patchy light snow
High 34F
Low 25F
Partly cloudy
High 36F
Low 25F
Light freezing rain
High 34F
Low 23F
  • 24m
  • 800.00 meters
  • 03m /100 meters

Lunch Hour
400 meters breast stroke
400 meters freestyle

My right shoulder still bugs me a little bit. I think it is trying to remind me to rotate my body properly, because if everything feels aligned on that side, I don't "feel anything".
And, I have been trying to minimize the amount of time spent sleeping on my right side... even though I sleep better / dream better on that side.

I woke up this morning and felt really "skinny"... I stepped on the scale and almost fell off of it due to shock! OMG - is this fantastic, or what??? Holy schamoly!

  • Calories: 2189 From fat:714.81 (84.96g, 32.65%), From Carbs:913.8 (244.38g, 41.75%), Protein:560.38 (149.87g, 25.6%)
  • 43m
  • 2.70 miles
  • 15m 56s /Mi

7:00 PM

My new shoes are VERY comfortable.

  • Calories: 2026 From fat:897.46 (107.47g, 44.3%), From Carbs:711.73 (191.77g, 35.13%), Protein:416.81 (112.3g, 20.57%)
  • 36m 24s
  • 1200.00 meters
  • 03m 02s /100 meters

9:00 AM
50/50 of breast stroke and freestyle.
I did a number of freestyle drills, and then actually progressed into a couple hundred meters of real freestyle, sans swimming aids.
My HR still gets up pretty high while doing the FS, but recovery is usually pretty quick. And, I know that I just have to gut it out, like I used to with both biking and running, and the breast stroke. If I continue to put in the time, my HR will start to come down.

I have been contemplating driving to the other end of the Twin Cities to visit a local running shop to get a good running shoe fitting - the store has an excellent reputation, plus they have a treadmill in the store for you to take the shoes for a "spin".

So, I decided that I needed a "good" indulgence today, so the Peke and I hopped in the car and we headed to the south end of St. Paul. Talk about being a kid in a candy store... I did stay focused, and only bought a new pair of shoes. The sales guy was wonderfully helpful, and I ended up with a new pair of Nikes. Now, I have never been able to wear Nikes because they are so narrow in the front. According to "Trent", Nike has made a conscious effort to widen the toe box.

So... I have a new pair of Air Zoom Vomeros. OMG - they are like floating in clouds. Of course, I need to break them in, so I have been wearing them since I picked them up. :)

Tomorrow night I hope to put in 3.5 - 4 miles in TEAM.
Oh, and, a cool features is that they come with one of those iPod thingies. I have an iPod, but not a Nano... it looks as if Sharon will need to do a bit more shopping.

Hmmm, I need to have a good goal to achieve before indulging in the Nano... okay, when I hit 190, I will reward myself with the Nano.

  • Calories: 1917 From fat:620.78 (73.41g, 32.38%), From Carbs:877.15 (233.37g, 45.76%), Protein:419.07 (111.5g, 21.86%)
  • 2h 32m 52s
  • 35.92 miles
  • 14.10 Mi/hr

Home to Elm Creek
What a BEAUTIFUL fall day to be riding. I hope that this is not the last comfortable outdoor ride of the year...
Calories = 2070
Top Speed = 32.6 mph

I am finally feeling human again... a little too much of everything on Wednesday night threw me for a loop for a couple of days.
I will say that I felt incredibly comfortable during today's ride, which was a good indicator that all of the "toxins" were out of, or soon to be leaving, my body. It has been a good 10 years since I was that stupid... let's hope that I never let loose like that, again!

  • Calories: 1830 From fat:420.48 (46.72g, 22.98%), From Carbs:1140.13 (285.02g, 62.3%), Protein:269.38 (67.34g, 14.72%)

I get to fly home this afternoon! I look forward to picking up my dog tonight (lots of puppy kisses) and then working out in my local gym tomorrow night.

  • 02m


  • CORE - Prone Planks

30 seconds each. It is amazing how much stronger and steadier I feel, as compared to when I first started working on planks

  • Elliptical Training
  • 40m


Hotel fitness center, again.  I look forward to being back in my home gym on Friday night.

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