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Sunday - July 27

  • 2h 19m 39s
  • 34.44 miles
  • 14.80 Mi/hr
  • Tennis
  • 45m

Holy cow!  I went biking with Kat and she was a task-master!  Okay, I DID tell her that I really need to work on my strength on hills... so, with each hill, she firmly told me to NOT downshift unless she told me to do so.  And, our average speed was 16-18 mph, although the overall time does not reflect this because there were portions when we could not do safely more than 10-12 mph.

We stopped at Dunn Brothers for coffee and carbs afterwards and Val saw us when she came home from playing golf.  She scootered over to say hello, and Kat promptly told Val that I was a wuss on hills, and that I kept braking around corners... Of course, Val had to agree that I am "miss safety"  Hey!!!
Okay, fine, they are correct!  I guess I need to live a bit more on the wild side!

Then, Val and I went out to frame some artwork that we have, and then we went out so that I could buy a tennis racquet... I played on the tennis team in high school, as did Val... but my racquet has been long since discarded.  It was a blast to "play" - no sense in keeping score as we were both reacquainting ourselves with the ground strokes!

Saturday - July 26

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 30m
Great day of puttering around the yard - mowing, edging, etc.  Then, we scootered up to our favorite butcher shop (brought along ice packs to keep the meat cold) and bought fish, and some nice looking kebabs.  We had Dawn over for dinner - we made vegetable pouches that were grilled, grilled fish, grilled kebabs, fresh fruit for dessert..... mmmmmmmmm.

Friday - July 25

  • Home Improvement
  • 2h 30m

HOORAY!  It is before noon and the apartment has been cleaned, keys turned over, final walk through complete!!!  WHEW!

Yup, still need to unpack, but there is not a big hurry for that!

Moving complete.  This morning - quick clean up. 

Thursday - July 24

  • Home Improvement
  • 10h 30m

Packing / Moving

Today: Vacation day and I will be doing the final packing and moving.  The only thing that will remain in the apartment will be cleaning supplies.  Cleaning will take place tomorrow, Friday.

    Wednesday - July 23

    Bike #1
    • 1h 27m
    • 22.00 miles
    • 15.17 Mi/hr

    Commute to work

    Bike #2
    • 1h 17m
    • 22.00 miles
    • 17.14 Mi/hr

    Commute back home

    • Calories: 1597 From fat:372.31 (41.99g, 23.31%), From Carbs:955.83 (242.55g, 59.85%), Protein:268.86 (68.22g, 16.84%)

    Tuesday - July 22

    • Yoga
    • 1h 00m

    Monday - July 21

    I will be completely moved before the week is out.  All of the heavy/bulky stuff has been handled.  Still need to pack and move the kitchen and bathroom, and the books... ugh... moving books.  Then, clean, and then turn over the keys. 

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