Teaching 2 strength classes today but not really lifting weight, so not counting it. Head to Madison later this morning for the follow up doc appt, then stopping by Komen, then to Brava to pick up magazines, then lunch with my friend Christi, then see mom and dad ... Then home, hopefully for a nap. Ted, our golden thinks it's awesome to wake up at 4 am to go out. It is not.

A side note, B feels like absolute sh!t. Wish I could take it all away from him.

6:30pm - so, the chest looks good, still a little "sawlike", but healing the way it should so that is good news. I need to wait one more week before I can really get back at it. This troubles me as my a$$ is expanding by the minute. Making a plan and giving myself 12 weeks to accomplish it.

Apparently nothing to see here ... move along Wink


Doc appointment tomorrow to hopefully get clearance to lift more than 10lbs ... thinking I will be waiting until Monday.  I am back on the logging of the food bandwagon.  Somehow 10lbs crept back up on me.  Grrr

Happy Monday everyone! So, there isn't much of any training going on ... All is good. This surgery forces me to continue to cover. I do have to say that I have quite tw shades of blue, green and purple going on right now. Happy they are covered as it makes the chest even look less attractive than it had before. Soon enough I will be back to my boobless worderous self ??.

Let's see ... Three things ...

1) I feel like I was run over by a small SUV. Better than yesterday, so that's good. I look a little like someone from the movie "Saw", but that will definitely get better with time.

2) we have a diagnosis and treatment plan for the hubcap. Wegener's GPA or just GPA now, but if you live by the school of google, like I do at times and want to look it up, Googling Wegener's GPA will yield more information. It is a vascular autoimmune disease and isn't great. He will be on oral chemotherapy for the rest of his life. These first three months, they are ramping up the dose (he will take meds once a week), then will hopefully be able to taper the dose back down to the starting dose. He should be able to run again, which is what he loves to do. He is good with what needs to be done because if we didn't treat, the outcome is not good.

3) This is fun to be able to share ... I am on the cover of Brava Magazine (It is a Madison based women's magazine. It's their October issue (the first if their two women's cancer issues). I was so excited to be a part of it!!

I will post in a little bit, when I am not on my phone and can actually post a picture :). Or you can go to www.bravamagazine.com and click on read the current issue (I am in the editors note on page 12).

Yowzers, I am SORE. I went in yesterday for my minor procedure (skin removal from settling of the skin from my surgery last year) thinking I would leave with 10ish stitches ... Well, 50-60 later, and I am all good. No activity for the next few days. I can walk Saturday, maybe even a fast paced walk, but no running or anything until Tuesday/Wednesday.

It was a strange experience being awake the whole time.

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