• 30m
  • 8.34 miles
  • 16.68 Mi/hr

Taught spin ... tried to push it a little ... didn't go so well. Almost passed out, and I wasn't even working that hard. Grrr.

  • 33m 14s
  • 3.35 miles
  • 09m 55s /Mi

Run with Scotty B on the trail.

Spin a run and work all sprinkled in throughout the day.  Tonight, pretty mellow so making a nice dinner for the family.  Got a free range chicken from one of my employees ... was super excited about that and cooking it up tonight.  Menu planning is changing due to the eliminating of gluten and dairy ... the dairy is going to be a tough one for him.  Wish me luck!!!!!

Well, there will actually be something that looks like swimming, biking and running this week :). Excited to be able to do something that resembles exercise again. A busy week ahead. Working on keeping myself from getting to crazy :).
A lot of busy work today.  Tonight a celebration for my father at the UW Madison School of Business.  He used to be the Director for the Center for Arts Administration and started up the Executive MBA program there.  Hoping for a good night for him.  I need to figure out what to wear.  After that shindig, we have a Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Kick Off Party.  Should be fun and the magazine that I am on the cover of, will be there, so we are going wearing Effcansah SCHTUFF :). 
Teaching 2 strength classes today but not really lifting weight, so not counting it. Head to Madison later this morning for the follow up doc appt, then stopping by Komen, then to Brava to pick up magazines, then lunch with my friend Christi, then see mom and dad ... Then home, hopefully for a nap. Ted, our golden thinks it's awesome to wake up at 4 am to go out. It is not.

A side note, B feels like absolute sh!t. Wish I could take it all away from him.

6:30pm - so, the chest looks good, still a little "sawlike", but healing the way it should so that is good news. I need to wait one more week before I can really get back at it. This troubles me as my a$$ is expanding by the minute. Making a plan and giving myself 12 weeks to accomplish it.

Apparently nothing to see here ... move along Wink


Doc appointment tomorrow to hopefully get clearance to lift more than 10lbs ... thinking I will be waiting until Monday.  I am back on the logging of the food bandwagon.  Somehow 10lbs crept back up on me.  Grrr

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