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Super happy today. I saw my friend Jacque this morning after her Kettlebell class and told her that I couldn't come to yoga tonight as B changed his med schedule due to a couple of holiday parties this week. Well, she texted me and asked if I would like to practice (yoga)with her before her actual class. Well, I went and it was incredible :). I actually cried. Feels good to let go of everything, even if it's just for a couple of hours :-)

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Taught power pump

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Run with Scott

Work is CRAZY. Can I win the lottery so I don't have to work anymore? Just asking.

Sidebar, but damn I need to get off my evergrowing A$$!

Crazy busy around here. I did manage to clean out my side of our walk in closet, my desk area in the kitchen and pantry. :). Was going to go for the away basement, but not sure if I quite have that in me.

Slept like poop so no workouts for me.  Busy work morning and Jack has a swim meet tonight. 

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Run with the ladies

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