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Tuesday - September 17

  • 50m

Taught Power Pump. Felt good to be back at it.

Easing back into it.  Teaching my Power Pumps this week and attending one on Saturday.  Next week I am back to the SBR.  Enjoying the time off but the mind has been preoccupied.

On Thursday morning, B (the hubcap) has a kidney biopsy.  The docs have determined that this is the best place to get a tissue sample to determine which autoimmune disease he has and what the course of treatment will be ... none of them are fun.  We are just hoping that the kidneys are still functioning well as he has had a lot of pain there as well as in his feet along with a list of other symptoms. 

Haven't been on here much, but will be back for real next week :).  And for the few peeps that read this, please do NOT post anything on Facebook as he is not a "sharer" like I am. 

Monday - September 16

Sunday - September 15

Saturday - September 14

Friday - September 13

Just enjoying the down time ... I'll be back next week.

Thursday - September 12

Wednesday - September 11

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